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 Slip on a pair of heavy leather work gloves before using your farm jack. Farm jacks range in height from 20 inches to well over 60 inches and have a number of moving parts that can injure exposed skin in an accident.

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Set your farm jack down on a stable surface. Muddy or other uneven surfaces can throw your jack off center and make it difficult to use. Your jack will have a small rectangular base that helps to hold it upright, but you can set your jack on a large wooden block to give it more stability while you work.

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 Turn the knob on your jack so that the lifting portion is free to move up and down, and slide it all the way down toward the base. Move the knob in the opposite direction to engage the jack and allow it to move up as you press down on the  handle.

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 Place your jack under the edge of the object you want to move, making sure to secure it under a stable lifting surface. If you are jacking up a vehicle, slip the jack under the axle. If you are pulling up fence posts, place the jack as close to the center of the post as possible. Lift the handle and press it straight down until you have lifted the object to the desired height.

 Stand clear of the object when you are ready to lower it back to the ground. Turn the  switch to the down position and lower the jack slowly to the ground by moving the handle up and down in the same motion you did to raise the jack. Lower the jack all the way down and pull it out from under the object once it has come to rest on the ground.

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 2.  Our Farm jacks are of high-quality standards and always come with the certificate of compliance by the manufacturers. There is the strict quality control for each of our jacks.

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You take care of your off-road vehicle, and have the best quality parts in it, but even the most well maintained vehicle can run into problems in a busy day of off-road adventuring. When you're out in parts unknown and something goes wrong underneath your vehicle, it's important to be able to get your vehicle up off  the ground so you can assess what's gone wrong and make any repairs necessary to get it moving again. You need to know you can rely on your jack when you use it, that's why we stock the Hi-Lift Jack. Trail jacks are a fundamental part of safely working on your vehicle, and with Hi-Lift you know that you can count on your jack to keep your vehicle elevated until you are done working underneath it.

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Easy to Use, Safe to Rely On
 When the time comes that you need to lift your vehicle up while out on the trails, Hi-Lift jacks make it as easy as can be. The jack slips in under your vehicle, then elevates with the help of a lever. Your jack makes it so easy it only takes one arm to move the lever, allowing you to use your second to help stabilize the jack as you crank it up. Once locked in place, your jack is not going anywhere until you release the safety the bolt, so you don't have to keep an eye on your jack while you work.

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 Nobody wants to overpay for their accessories,  and at 4 Wheel Parts we set out to ensure you never do. We offer a 90-day price  match guarantee on all parts and accessories we sell. If you see the traction pads you bought available for less, we will make up the difference so that you know you got the best rates when you shopped with us.

Customers' Comments:
A great tool, brought to remove a number of tree stumps and is being worked hard without any issues. Thank you
A Great Tool, I bought it to Jack up the rear Corner of My Shed while I Sorted out a Rotting Floor and it Did the Job very Well.
Good product and arrived earlier than promised. Lifted 2 ton+ container with ease (at low height). Previously used trolley jack with props, this is so much easier. Should have bought one years ago.
Cracking bit of kit, well worth it; I wish I'd bought it sooner.