4x4 4WD Lifter Red Heavy Duty Power 3000Kg 48" Inch High Farm Lift Jack

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1. 20" 33" 48" 60" Farm tractor truck SUV high lift bumper jack

2. Heavy duty all solid steel construction

3. Ratcheting design

4. Easy to raise or lower load

5. Mufti-functional is perfect for lifting tractors or heavy trucks, pulling post & poles

6. Can be use as a all purpose hoist or winch

Introductions: Mufti-functional tool is great for lifting tractors or heavy trucks, pulling posts and poles, and even serves as an all-purpose hoist or winch.



1. Material: Steel

2. Color: Red

3 Capacity: 48"

4. Minimum Height: 6.06"  / 15.39cm

5. Maximum Height: 42.12" / 106.98cm

6. Dimensions: (49.21 x  10.63x 5.90)" / (125 x 27 x 15 )cm (L x W x H)

7. Weight: 13.95kg /  30.75lbs

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Great for cable, wire, and belt tension jack-construction and maintenance. Quick disengaging when not under load. Rugged, efficient. Saves man-hours and out-of-service time. Lifts equipment, small buildings, and trucks. Pulls machinery and lifts or lowers for installation or maintenance. Many other uses when used with chain or cable.

RAMHOIST Farm Jack made in china is for heavy duty use. The rugged, versatile tool (with the flick of a lever)! Use it on the farm or the construction site. It can lift trucks, trailers, industrial and construction equipment. The Farm Jack can move heavy equipment of skids, align large assemblies, pull or straighten fence or utility posts and even pull structural assemblies together.

While owning a giant vehicle can have its perks (the view really is great from up there), the maintenance can be a tough job. But we understand its necessity on a farm. However, a standard car jack would not have the reach to work with each kind of tool or vehicle on a farm; that is why you need a farm jack. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Two-piece handle and socket is firmly designed for durability
Operating instructions are on the handle for safety
Suited for use in farming, off-road uses and auto recovery
Only all-cast jacks made in the world
Comes with shear bolt for added safety
Manufactured with powder-coated finish

A versatile hand operated jack with many indoor and outdoor applications. Loading and off-loading vehicles, moving heavy objects, tensioning of wire fences, removing tree stumps, and much more. Simple yet effective, this is an excellent standby tool manufactured from heavy duty cast steel.

Reversible ratchet mechanism enables jack to be used for lifting or lowering
Upper jaw is adjustable on beam, allowing jack to be used as a clamp.
Versatile and lightweight
Lever-ratchet operated jack with 1500mm beam

Lifting capacity 2000kg Designed to lift, pull and push. Ideal for moving heavy machinery and heavy object. Lifting tractor and 4-wheel drive vehicles, tensioning wire fences, pulling/pushing or removing post or poles, three stumps, etc. Full lever operation, no hydraulics to leak to damage. Solid cast iron construction. Heavy duty 33" ratchet operating lever provides maximum leverage.