Car jack stand Car repair automotive adjustable 2 ton 3 ton 6 ton jack stand

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The jack stand is an iconic symbol - a must have for every garage or auto repair shop. We carry only the finest lines of jack stands to satisfy virtually everyone's preferences. Nobody does it better--or for less.

Product details of Jack stand

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Most jack stands use these basic parts to function. 

Base ---The jack stand is typically planted to the ground with a four-leg base frame. It’s shaped like a pyramid, or four As connected at their sides. The support bar slides up and down through a center opening in the base. A different design uses a flat platform with a tube at the center. 

Support Bar ---The support bar is the contact point between the stand and the car. This bar is typically ratcheted, so it stays in place at the positioned height when lifted up, and it usually has a U-shaped catch at the top. 

Locking Pin/Mechanism ---In addition to the ratcheting device that keeps the support bar in place, most jack stands feature their own failsafe/backup plans. This most often comes in the form of some type of pin that goes through the support bar or is positioned against the bar’s ratchet teeth. 

Release ---The release is most commonly a handle that releases the support bar’s ratcheting mechanism and allows the bar to lower.    

Quick Details
 Use: Car Jack
 Type: Flooring Jack
 Place of origin: Hebei, China
 Model Number:  ZT-201
 Warranty: 3 Months
 Color: Red/blue
 Product name: 6TON Jack Stand Vehicle Repair Jack Stand Screw Jack Stand
 Material: Steel
 Name: jack stand
 Delivery Time: 15-25 Days
 Application: Automotive Repair Tools
 Usage: Life Auto
 Capacity: 2T/3T/6T

Supply Ability
 30000 Set/Sets per Month


 1.These sturdy jack stands are lightweight for easy placement, yet strong enough to hold most cars and small trucks. The high strength welded aluminum makes it possible for these jack stands to support up to 6000 lb. safely and securely.  Features include a self locking ratchet handle to easily adjust the height. A  perfect set of jack stands for auto repair work or storage.
 2.Perfect for repair work or storage
 3.High strength welded aluminum base for easy placement
 4.Self locking ratchet handle

What do you do?
 Our products mainly include jack stand, floor jack, hydrauclic jack, electric oil, gear oil pump series, spanner, tow rope, high pressure gas cylinder, high and low position conveyor, pneumatic oil injector injector.

Do we accept customization?
 Yes, we can accept customization.

Can you help us to do some change about your product?
 Yes, special drawing and design will be evaluated by our technical department, unit cost will be calculated by finance department for your final confirmation. All  procedures will be informed and confirmed with you in advance.

Can I get a sample?
 Yes. Samples are welcome to us before mass production. But few extra cost and products cost will be charge from customer first, and sample cost will be back to customer once started mass production.You need to pay the express fee.

Are you a factory or trading company?
We are specialized in the production and development of automobile repair tools, equipment and sales as one of professional manufacturers.

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When you lift something with the Jack Stand, you’ll feel confident that it can handle it. The heavy - duty steel body and collar make it tough and durable enough to easily handle three ton. The solid steel locking handle prevents the unit from slipping, making it safer to work around. To adjust the height, all you have to do is change the pin position... it’s as simple as that! Get a 2Ton and 3 Ton Jack Stand and put it to work for you!