Pair 3 Ton Jack Axle Stand Lift Capacity Axle Stand Set 2pc 3 Tonne Lifting Capacity Car Caravan Floor Jack

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A jack stand is a metal height-adjustable mechanical device that is used to support the weight of a lifted vehicle. Most commonly, they are placed underneath the car as a safety net to protect against a vehicle falling on a body part.

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 Jack Stand
 1.Capacity: 2t to 12t
 2.Height: 260mm to 760mm
 3.Package: Color Box & Pallet

 1.  Set the parking brake and put the car in gear.
 2.  Jack up the car using a floor jack.
 3.  Place the jack stands under the car, your car's owner's manual may have illustrations indicating safe jack stand positioning.
 4.  Lower the jack slowly until the car is resting on the jack stands.
 5.  Note that if you do not have a floor jack, you can use the tire-changing jack by raising up one side of the car at a time, as you would if changing a tire, and placing a jack stand first on one side, then lower and removing the jack, then repeating on the other side.
 6.  Lean on the bumper and shake the car, if the jack stands are not positioned properly, you want to find out now, not when you are under the car.

 Tips and Warnings:
 1.  Make sure both jack stands are raised to equal height.
 2.  Never get under a car that is supported only by a jack, that is extremely dangerous.
 3.  Do not put the jack stands under the floorboards, they will crash right through into the inside of the car.

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 4.High factor of safety
 5. Durable.

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These durable jack stand pads protect your car from scrapes and nicks while using 3 or 6 ton jack stands. The jack stand pads won't gouge or rip and are slip- and oil-resistant.