2/3/6/12Ton Jack Stand Adjustable Height Auto Shop Safety Tools Car Truck car jack

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Jack stands are used to fortify the jacks that come with your vehicle. Those built in jacks are capable of lifting the vehicle up by a few inches. However that is only good for changing tires. If you’re going to do more intensive work on the vehicle, you will need extra jacks or jack stands. 

Some jack stands are tower shaped, while others are more like a tripod. No matter what the shape is, the usage is the same. You place it under the vehicle and use it to raise the vehicle up.


 1.  Corner tower welding base, support greater, better stability
 2.  Double locking pawl and tooth design
 3.  Two heavy steel frame
 4.  Product quality system and factory management system passed the ISO9001:2008  certification, and access to the CE certification
 Features  :
 •   2 heavy duty steel jack stands at one low price
 •   Meets ANSI requirements
 •   Double locking pawl
 •   One piece mufti position ductile ratchet bar
 •   Quick adjustment mechanism
 •   Item Weight 20 pounds
 •   Product Dimensions 18 x 10 x 8 inches

Q:Why choose us ?
 A:1.Professional design drawing for the confirmation in case of any misunderstanding.
 2.  All products will be produced strictly according to CE quality management system.
 3.  Every product must be tested before delivery,100% qualified.
 4.  Detailed rust-removing and powder painting process.
 5.  1 years warranty

Q:Do you offer samples ?
 A:Yes, We are willing to supply samples at all your needs but the samples are not for free.

Q:Will you accept our designs ?
 A:Sure, OEM is welcomed.

Q:How about MOQ?
 A:Different products have different MOQ, just tell us how many you want

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 *This Jack Stand is designed to hold cars and small trucks. 

 *Body and handle constructed of high-grade steel and built to exacting standards for quality and durability 

 *Self-locking ratchet provides precise adjustments 

 *Large saddle surface area provides better contact with the load being supported

   Jack stand11-2.jpg

 Lead free paint finish is applied to ensure a long lasting finish and to help prevent rust 

 Welded frame design adds extra durability Vehicle Tool Hydraulic folding car jack stand/adjustable jack stand