Inquiry about Vacuum Tube Lifters VTL50 from Thailand

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咨询产品:  Vacuum Tube Lifters VTL50
客户姓名:  Ploy
手机号码:  +66880*****
客户邮箱:  zco****
客户留言:  Dear Sales team, I am looking for model VTL50, parts as follow; 1x Vacuum pump, 1x Filter, 1x Plastic hose, 1x Top swivel assembly, 1x Lifting tube, 1x Control hand&handle, 1x Vacuum suction. Please quote. Thank you and best regards,

RAMHOIST: May i know what item it will lift? thanks

Customer: Dear Yang,

This is for paper box 35kg. This project is completed with TAWI SWENDEN. 
I am looking forward for your reply.

RAMHOIST: Vacuum tube lifter 35kg is ok: 3600 USD

The price does not include jib crane, pls contact us if you need jib crane

technical details:

Vacuum tube lifter for paper box 35kg (1).jpg

Dear Yang,
Please quote;
1. Load 35kgs without blower.
2.  Load 50kgs without blower.

I would like to buy as Demo for our workshop,

I appreciate it, if you can offer a special price. Thank you.

RAMHOIST: Can I know what kind of belower you will use? maixmum air flow and vacuum pressure pls

I am not sure if the lifter can work well, if you use your own belower

Group chating on wechat as below:

Customer: We want to buy this lifting to show our target customers, They are looking for 

1) Lifting tube to lift Carton box W max = 50 Kg 

2) Plastic bag ( inside are Sugar, Plastic, Salt, Milk powder, Flour….

Pls you quote us special price as Demo unit, This unit complete with Lifting tube for W max 50 kg, Tube + Control handle + Blower and 2 types of gripper to lift 1) Carton box and 2) Plastic bag 50 kg


Vacuum Tube Lifters complete with Lifting tube for W max 50 kg, Tube + Control handle + Blower and 2 types of gripper to lift-2.jpg

Vacuum Tube Lifters complete with Lifting tube for W max 50 kg, Tube + Control handle + Blower and 2 types of gripper to lift-1.jpg

RAMHOIST: would u confirm the weight is 50kg but not 35kg since last time u informed us 35kgs

Customer: Confirm at 50 kg, Quote us both Gripper for Carton box and Gripper for Plastic bag/sack

Customer: I have an Enquiry, My customer asked me to quote, Tube dia 140 with square gripper size 200x290 mm



They want to lift Rubber lump 50 kg, Pl suggest and quote us, 3 units

RAMHOIST: this is different customer with yesterday inquiry?

Customer: Yesterday inquiry is the Demo set. We want to buy to show and test with the customer work piece, Now, the customer have change from Double foot to Flat gripper 200x290 mm as below pict




This Rubber lump is the Raw material to produce Tire 


RAMHOIST: I don't know the size of their existing equipment connection holes, pls ask them to measure and send me, thanks

only need square gripper?

Customer: I want you to quote 3 set of the whole system, The existing in customer factory, they use Tube dia 140 mm. With Blower, Filter and  Squre gripper 200x290 mm. Pls quote complete unite from you. Pls consider special price if we buy all 3 units from you

Below clip is the real application but already change gripper from 2 foot to be 200x290 single gripper





Customer: Please you send official quotation so I can see all detail. Thank you

RAMHOIST: Attached PI for 50kg vacuum lifter for Demo

technical details:

Customer: Regarding your detail quotation: 50kg vacuum lifter for Demo 【This unit complete with Lifting tube for W max 50 kg, Tube + Control handle + Blower and 2 types of gripper to lift 1) Carton box and 2) Plastic bag 50 kg】  

I can not wait the customer project that they will buy 3 units, I am going to buy you first for Demo as above detail. Can you please send me again price for 1 unit (our first order to you)

I plan to buy today!

RAMHOIST: Attached PI for 50kg vacuum lifter for Demo of 1 unit

Customer: Well received. Would you mind to consider special discount for this sample? Thank you in advance!

RAMHOIST: for sample it is the best, for 3 pcs we can give u 3% discount

Customer: Thank you very much

May I ask what is this part?

May I ask what is this part for 50kg vacuum lifter (1).jpg

RAMHOIST: The cup is used for barrel lifting

Customer: Do you mean, we can show the customer to liftt 3 things? 1. Plastic sack/bag, 2. Carton box and 3. Barrel ? Like this below pict

1. Plastic sackbag, 2. Carton box and 3. Barrel.jpg

RAMHOIST: the middle picture shows barrel lifting

Customer: Excellence!

barrel lifting.jpg

Our purchasing will send you PO. , pls send us your Invoice and bank account detail to so payment

RAMHOIST: The goods are now ready to delivery [1plywood case (103*75*95 0.734), G.W.: 120 KGS, N.W.: 80 KGS], pls check below videos for testing:

Customer: Can you quote me spare parts for all grippers

Mr Yang, pls quote us spare parts for all, Foam spare part. Rubber pads.  

RAMHOIST: Price of Suction gripper for ESL in single cup: