Quote semi-Electric Stacker Model EPS012/31 1.2 3100 delivered tp Port Melborne Australia

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咨询产品:  Semi-Electric Stacker - EPS012/31 1.2 3100
客户姓名:  Mal******
手机号码:  042189****
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客户留言:  Please Quote semi-Electric Stacker Model EPS012/31 1.2 3100 delivered tp Port Melborne Australia or Stckist if you have one in Australia


Model EPS012/31 1.2 3100 is the model of Electric stacker as below: 2350 USD/unit (CFR Port Melbourne Australia)

While semi-Electric Stacker 1.2t 3100mm as below: 1250 USD/unit (CFR Port Melbourne Australia)

semi-Electric Stacker 1.2t 3100mm-1.jpg

semi-Electric Stacker 1.2t 3100mm-2.jpg

Customer: Why so much difference in price ? Cheaper unit closer to our budget please supply detail specification

RAMHOIST: It is the difference between fully Electric Stacker and semi-Electric Stacker

Customer: Thank you for your quote but other Semi-Electric Stackers are much cheaper so I will not be ordering your model.

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the price of others? thanks

CustomerSure can USD $850.00

RAMHOIST: for lifting height 3100mm it can not make with this price.

but for standard lifting height 1600mm we can make CFR Port Melbourne Australia with your target price USD $850.00

our quality is very high in china market, hope we can work together, thanks

Customer: Yang thanks for your offer But I have received another quote with the mast delivery Height3500mm and lifting weight 1.5 Ton at USD $779.00 CIF Port Melbourne Australia. I am not in the business of screwing down people so I better order this one. Thank you for your effort

RAMHOIST: yes, good luck

can you send me the photos of theirs that i can take a reference for you

As far as I know, this price is amazing and unbelivable if not sacrifice quality.

Customer: +Dodon't worry I have 3 quotes for identical Semi-electric Stackers to my specified Height and weight all within $100.00, I am not going to give these people up as there are many buyer who will want to take advantage of the cheaper manufacturer and shipping prices, I am spreading the word amongst the light Fork users so they can take advantage of the reasonable prices


咨询产品:  HSemi-electricand Pallet Stackers
客户姓名:  Mal*****
手机号码:  042189****
客户邮箱:  mal*****@outlook.com.au
客户留言:  I may have already requested a quote as I sent a few enquiries today please quote Semi- Electric stacker or similar Platform reach height 3100 mm Min. load 1.5 Ton. Its probably cheaper to supply with Wheels but will be installed attached to Storage racking and not moved, Power requirement AC 240 Volt or DC 12 or 24 Volt driving Pump. Delivery CIL Port Melbourne Australia. if you have stockist in Australia let me know

RAMHOIST: Yes, Scissor platform is more expensive than semi-electric stacker, we need to know below information then can offer accordingly:

Table size(length*width or diameter for round table)?

Is AC 240 Volt three pahse or single phase?

Is 3100 mm height calculated from ground?

Customer: No sissor lift thank you only stacker Fork Lift

RAMHOIST: Semi-Electric Stacker 1.5t 3100mm without wheel (12V, 1.6kw): 1230 USD/unit (CFR Port Melbourne Australia)

Customer: Please adjust the quoted price to CIF Rates and provide a build schedule so that we know the correct specification of the Build Parts and Equipment. For example, the Hydraulic Cylinder is it or can it be converted to 2 Way action, is the Chain Drive single or Dual H428 or H530, Battery size and approximate running time between charges, Maximum Fork width between Tynes, Centre of Load, and Dimensions of Forks open to Maximum, Delivery time from Payment Received

请提供构建计划,以便我们了解构建部件和设备的正确规格。 例如,液压缸是它还是可以转换为 2 向动作,是链传动单或双 H428 或 H530,电池大小和充电之间的大致运行时间,轮胎之间的最大货叉宽度,负载中心和货叉开到最大的尺寸 ,收到付款后的交货时间


链条是 传动的

电池大小 12V

充电时间: 充电8小时,充满后持续工作7小时不间断,间歇性工作一天


货叉宽度 160*50*1100mm


载荷中心 500mm

RAMHOIST: the Hydraulic Cylinder can not be converted. This is a single-phase oil cylinder. The rise is powered by the motor, and the fall is released by the oil pressure (the fall is the pressure release)

chain is driven

Battery size 12V

Charging time: 8 hours of charging, 7 hours of continuous work after full charge, one day of intermittent work

Overall width: 800mm

Fork width 160*50*1100mm

Fork adjustment outer width: 325-680mm

Load center 500mm

below is site photos, you can use expansion bolt/plug bolt to the ground to fix, then it can be used:

Semi-Electric Stacker 1.5t 3100mm without wheel (12V, 1.6kw), use expansion boltplug bolt to the ground to fix, then it can be used.jpg

But normally for the fixed type, we normally use plug in but not battery.

Customer: Yang Thanks for that, almost there, we will run It as is, as we have remote controllers for activating and closing the relief valve via small servos and fit Thick Rubber buffers on the ground for no severe impacts. You mentioned earlier that A.C. Electric Motor could be supplied and I would now choose that option. The photo you attached only shows single vertical Rails I think you would be needing what they call dual tower rails ? or do you use a very long Cylinder?

谢谢你,几乎在那里,我们将按原样运行它,因为我们有遥控器,用于通过小型伺服系统激活和关闭安全阀,并在地面上安装厚橡胶缓冲块---不会产生严重撞击了。 您提到可以提供交流电动机,我现在会选择该选项。 您附上的照片仅显示了单个垂直导轨,我认为您需要他们所谓的双塔导轨吗? 还是您使用很长的油缸?

油缸自身高度靠近2米,他可以升高到你需要的行程 (3.1米)


RAMHOIST: yes, we need dual rails, cylinder is about 1.8m and can reach your stroke 3.1m