Enquiry platform that able to lift up to maximum 200kg

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Hi Mr Yang,
We would like to knew detail about your product.
Do you have cataloge that we able to review. We required platform that able to lift up to maximum 200kg. Waiting for your prompt reply.

Fixed Electric Scissor Lift Platform/Fixed table scissor garage car lift

Fixed Electric Scissor Lift PlatformFixed table scissor garage car lift.jpg

RAMHOIST: pls check there is single phase or three phase power in your site, then what is the power?
Required height from ground?
do you make PIT?
Table size(length*width or diameter for round table)?

you can check the similar case in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1910.html

you can check severl types in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1779.html

Customer: Hi Mr Yang,
Apologies for late response.
Had to wait for the design from our engineer and and also chassis supplier layout.
We want to show the physical item location and the measurement to make you understand on our requirement. Attached is the layout where the scissor lift need to be install.
Kindly review and quote.

RAMHOIST: No attached layout

Customer: Morning Mr Yang,
Sorry missed out the attachment.
Attached design the location of the scissor lift.

Location of Scissor lift.pptx

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the usage? I think there is no three phase power in your truck, so we will use battery

May i know what's the lifting height you require?

self weight + lifting weight up to 200KG is near 1000KG, may i know does you truck chassis can stand this weight?

Await for your reply then we will work accordingly, thanks

Customer: Hi Mr Yang,
Kindly refer to the actual vehicle.
We had to bring up and down the trolley from the vehicle itself. Currently they using stacker to bringing up and down the trolley and it take long time on the operation wise and required our recommendation for fast action and our suggestion is using Scissor lift.
Trolley maximum weight 150 kg + Scissor lift estimated should around 400 to 500kg.
Hope this explain you better on our requirement.

actual vehicle.jpg

our recommendation for fast action and our suggestion is using Scissor lift.jpg

RAMHOIST: So i assume you will use movable scissor lift (as below) instead of fixed scissor lift?

movable scissor lift.jpg

and put above movable scissor lift on the compartment 2035 x 804 x 667mm as below:


since i found fixed scissor lift (as below) can not lift in the compartment since there is board up to block.

Fixed Electric Scissor Lift PlatformFixed table scissor garage car lift.jpg

but in this case, if you use movable scissor lift, the principle is same as stacker

need you clarify this, thanks

Customer: Hi Mr Yang,


The only suitable platform that suitable model 1.0-1.78.
After refer the specification we found out it cant fixed our requirement.
The size of platform too big we only required 700 x 1400mm
Minimum height of the unit 360mm we consider too high, what is the minimum you able to provide.
Power supply input AC current we going to install inside vehicle only required 24VDC.
Hope above mentioned explanation give you better view on our requirement.
If you have another solution or proposal we are free to discuss.


Customer: Hi Mr Yang,
If the Scissor platform cant meet our requirement how about Electric Lift Table (Small Hydraulic Scissor lift) 0.15 ton-1ton. Look at the specification detail it suitable for our operation and the power supply we can use chassis battery.
We not need the castor wheel and the handle so we can fixed it permanently.
Are you able to modified the base to suit our requirement.

Electric Lift Table (Small Hydraulic Scissor lift) 0.15 ton-1ton.jpg

RAMHOIST: we can customized to your size

with self height 320mm, Lifting height 1540mm from ground including self height, platform 700*1400, load weight 150 kg, self weight 300KG+, 

but one set of 24VDC battery is not enough, we suggest use two sets of 24VDC battery

2300 USD/unit

Customer: Morning Mr Yang,
Yes we received your info and latest update on your quotation.
Do you have cataloge for the Scissor lift you offer need to submit for tender submission for customer to review.

Thanks for your support.

RAMHOIST: No catalogue since it is customized to your size.

below is the formal offer including drawing and technical details


Date: March 8th, 2022

Subject: Scissor lift   


Load capacity

Platform size

Lifting height

(include self height)











1. Price term: 50% as deposit and balance before shipment

2. Delivery time:15 working days

3. Warranty: 1 Year

4. Validity: The quotation is valid till March 30th, 2022

5. Spare parts: will send Free parts: Numbers Seal rings, Limit Switch, Self painter, Oil pipe

Similar lift for ur reference

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-1.jpg

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-2.jpg

Technical configuration-----



Checkered Plate; 1400*700mm;              

Loading weight




Platform lifting height 1.54m(include self height)



Self Folded height



Pump station




24V battery


Scissor Structure

80*40 Rectangular tube


Ground support Structure

#10 channel steel


Hydraulic Cylinder



Hydraulic Oil



Accurate position

Limit switch in the height


Hydraulic station

Specialized hydraulic station,with Emergency down valvewhen power off,it can be manually controlled down


Electric Control Mode

Up and down control. With emergency stop button.

Each operation with 24V safety control voltage


Working speed



Travel Switch

Delixi Brand


Anti-rust treatment

Sand blast process



Powder Painting



Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-3.png

Part picture:

Pump station                                                          

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-5.jpg

Oil cylinder

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-6.jpg

Control panel

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-4.jpg

Customer Lift Platform

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-7.jpg

 Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-8.jpg

Customer project and Safety Device

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-9.jpg

Explosion-proof valves: protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.

Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up. Adjust the pressure

Emergency decline valve: it can go down when you meet an emergency

Package and Delivery:

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-13.jpg

Stationary scissor lift platform made in china-14.jpg

 Our Advantages
1)group company, among few chinese factories who produce scissor lifts, Over 15 Years of experience for scissor lifts manufacturing.
2)Very competitive pricing
3)Quality built & dependable products, most key components are international famous brand
4)Custom design & build capabilities, 200sets of scissor lifts per month
5)Fast deliveries, usually within 7 days after fully paid, stock is available
6)Freight solutions & rates
)Experienced exporter
8)One year structural warranty (extended warranties available), spare parts available