Request price for Vacuum Tube Lifters and their components (suction cups, filters, hoses ...) from Russia

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Please send the price for Vacuum Tube Lifters
and their components (suction cups, filters, hoses ...)
Report the terms of delivery in Russia.

Best regards

Sergey Vinokuruv

RAMHOIST: May i know what's the material it lift and what's the weight up to?

you can check many cases in the end of this link:

Price list of Vacuum components

Recommended spare parts of Vacuum tube lifter

Customer: Dear Yang

Thank you for sending in the information.

We supply vacuum lifter for various industries.
We also produced special vacuum, pneumatic and mechanical grippers 
(canisters, barrels, kegs, bags, pallets, sheet material...) for Russian 
Vaculex(Piab), Tawi (Piab), Fipa vacuum grippers sellers.
We are interested in the possibility of buying a standard line of vacuum 
lifters from you. So please send us information about vacuum elevators 
with different capacities and costs for their accessories (top rotator, 
lifting tube, control modul...).
We are looking for equipment at a reasonable price and not long delivery 

RAMHOIST: We need your detailed request and what kind of standard line of vacuum lifters you need?