2000kg extra long 550mm x 1800mm pump jack hydraulic pallet truck

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Pallet Trucks with long forks can be used for handling special pallets with board, glass or other unusually long loads.  They can also be used for handling two pallets simultaneously.  The Pallet Trucks with fork lengths of either 1500mm, 1800mm or 2000mm provide an economical solution to handling unusual loads.    


Quick Details
1 Year
 Capacity (Load):
 Model Number:
 2T 3T 5T
 Lift Drive / Actuation:
 Product name:
 2000kg extra long 550mm x 1800mm pump jack hydraulic pallet truck
 Can be customized
 goods mover
 1 Set
 Lifting Heavy
 Wheel type:
 PU Wheel
 Packaging & Delivery
 Packaging Details
 2000kg extra long 550mm x 1800mm pump jack hydraulic pallet truck, standard packing


 Products Description
 2000Kg Extra Long Straddle Hand Pallet Truck
 Manual hydraulic pallet truck is a small and convenient, the use of flexible, heavy load, durable and durable cargo handling tools.    

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Quick Details
 Min. Lifting Height:
 75 mm
 Fork Length:
 1150/1220mm, 1150/1220mm
 Fork Width:
 550/685MM, 550/685mm
 Overall Dimensions:
 1610*685mm (L*W)
 Warranty of core components:
 1 Year
 Core Components:
 Engine, Engine
 Product Name:
 2000Kg Extra Long Straddle Hand Pallet Truck
 Key words:
 extra long pallet truck
 Hand pallet truck 1t 2t 2.5t 3t 5t
 Min. fork height:
 Max.fork height:
 1 YEAR Core Components: Engine Wheels:
 Nylon wheel or PU wheel
 high quality
 Yellow or Red
 After Warranty Service:
 Video technical support, Online support
 Supply Ability
 500 Set/Sets per Month extra long pallet truck

1. 3000kg loading capacity                                                                            
2. 550mm Width 2000mm Length by fork overall Ergonomically designed handle                        
3. Height lowed 85mm height raised 200mm
4. 3-Position handle control - Raise, Lower, and Neutral
5. Φ180mm Polyurethane steering wheels, Φ80mm double polyurethane fork wheels
6. Reliable oil leak-proof hydraulic system
7. Durable frame by heavy duty design
8. Integrated hydraulic cylinder

Hand pallet truck series add reinforcing rid, increase the load strength, strong and durable.
The main part of oil pump is imported, oil pump assy pass pressure Mpa test, no oil leakage, no distortion
The main active part assembles oilless bearing, enhance the wear-resisting degree, durable, prolong the service life.

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Perform double the duties and transport twice the cargo with our range of extra long pallet trucks. The longer forks can be used to move longer pallets or even transport multiple pallets in one go, cutting time and effort while increasing profit and productivity.

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Specially manufactured Extra Long Hand Pallet Trucks in china to satisfy non standard pallet and load handling applications. 

Our extensivse range of Extra Long Pallet Trucks have quality hydraulic pump’s with a slow lowering hand control valve. 3-position control lever provides fingertip control of all hydraulic system functions with the handle in any position. Neutral position frees handle of hydraulic functions. Tandem load rollers. Grease fittings at key points. Various Lengths are available

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