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Extra Long Pallet Truck, an excellent tool for lifting and carrying loads on pallets or size-standardised containers. Thanks to its entry and exit roller and ergonomic handle design, this product is easy to use and manoeuvre. Minimise risks when transporting large and heavy loads.    

Long Fork Pallet Jacks designed to handle long, extended or large pallets, skids or cargo that are not suitable for standard sized Pallet Jacks. These work perfectly in any material handling applications and will definitely fit well in your work area.    

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Extra Long Pallet Truck for use across many industries to move Oversize Skids, Pallets and Machinery.    

The extra long forks carry goods of larger than average and big volumes in Warehouses, Supermarkets, and Factories

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Top quality, full specification, extra long hand pallet trucks. Made from high grade steel to the latest design.    

The reinforced frame ensures rugged durability, for long lasting performance. 

Robotic welding technology provides for superior finish and overall structural durability as well as longevity. 

Ruggedly built forks with structural steel reinforcement 7 inch poly steer wheels provide exceptional maneuverability.

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The Extra Long Fork Hand Pallet Truck has a simple yet ergonomic design. If you want to lower your loads, pull up on the fingertip control. If you wish to move your loads around position the fingertip control at the center. If you want to raise your loads just simply push down on the fingertip control.

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Standard Features:

The reinforcements on the backs of all forks ensure their reliability
Robotic welding technology provides smoother finish and higher strength of truck body
Solid forks through integral stamping
Chrome plated piston rod to ensure quiet and smooth lifting and long service life
The hydraulic handle offers three control positions: lift, lower and neutral
Seal rings conforming to German standards ensure excellent performance
Standard handle with ergonomic loop design reduces operator's fatigue
Pallet entry and exit rollers offers easier entry and exit of pallet
Galvanization of oil pump to avoid rust and extend its service life
Overload protection prevents the truck from application under overloaded condition, reducing its maintenance cost
Fully enclosed pump avoids contamination and oil leaking
Convenient access to lubrication points for easy maintenance

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All our Extra Long Pallet Trucks come with top quality hydraulic pump with a slow lowering hand control, 3 position lever, providing fingertip control. This Pallet Truck is supplied with Tandem Load Rollers which help spread the load on the floor surface and thus reduce's ground contact loading by 50%. This makes it easier to move heavier loads on the pallet truck resulting in less effort / strain for the operator.    

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Quick Details
 Brand Name:
 Stainless Steel
 General  Use:
 Supply Ability
 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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 Quick Details
 Dimension  (L x W x H):
 1  year
 Brown, Customized Color
 Model Number:
 Stainless Steel
 1 Set
 Load Capacity:
 Transfer Goods
 Packaging & Delivery
 Packaging Details
 wooden box for extra long bf hydraulic pump stainless steel manual hand operated low lift handle AC 3000kg 5000 kg 10 tons pallet truck

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Heavy duty hand pallet trucks with extra long forks are designed to handle two standard pallets simultaneously or for special extra long pallets. Extra long pallet trucks are available with widths over forks of 450, 520 and 680mm.

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A heavy duty premium extra long pallet truck, made in China,  is ideal for industrial or construction applications where large or double sized pallets may be used.

We can offer special pallet truck fork sizes made to your requirements as well as extra long pallet trucks with increased capacities of 3 ton, 4 ton, 5 ton and even 10 ton. Please contact us by phone or email for more information.