Factory Supply Electric High Lift Scissor Pallet Truck Electric scissor pallet jack 1ton, 1.5ton and 3ton

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High lift pallet trucks (also called High-Lifters or Scissor Lift Pallet Trucks) are designed to eliminate repetitive back strain when loading pallets by hand. Our electric high lift pallet truck uses scissor action to lift pallets to a working height of 800mm. All our scissor lift pallet trucks conform to the latest applicable health and safety regulations.

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The electric scissor pallet truck reduces operator fatigue by avoiding unnecessary bending and heavy lifting      

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Our electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks are built with safety stops that minimize the risk of an empty deck from lowering while performing maintenance. Our electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks will reduce the need for the worker to bend and lift, thus reducing the risk of injury, and the worker will also be able to raise and lower the deck with minimum pain and strain. 

High power electric high lift pallet handling jack truck scissor with factory price

 1.With the functions of a pallet truck and a lifting table, it can save workers' labor intensity.
 2.There is automatic height adjustment and manual height adjustment modes, which can be selected according to your needs.
 3.Ideal for automatic loading and unloading
 4.Equipped with safety valve to avoid overload situation. 

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Scissor lift pallet truck designed to load and unload conveyor, feed presses, or any applications requiring moving and positioning pallets or containers of materials.
 Quck-lift Operation
 Quick-lift function doubles the lifting speed when lifting loads less than 250kg .
 Great stability
 Extra long front legs increases the stability when handling unevenly loaded pallets.
 Improved safety
 Automatic activation of self sdjusting stabilizers when lifting loads higher than 400mm for maximum stability.
 When lifting height below 400mm, it is as easy to move as pallet truck, above 400mm the truck is automatically locked by triggering the supports at both sides of the steering  wheels 

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 Parameters of High power electric high lift pallet handling jack truck scissor with factory price:

This Electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks are multi-functional, simple, and compact. Ideal to use for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die-handling, and assembly operations, our electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks offer an ergonomic solution to lifting, positioning, and transporting.
 They are reliable and stable, built with an overloaded valve design to prevent the misuse of the truck, and reduce maintenance cost. Each cylinder is equipped with an internal hydraulic velocity fuse, and the heavy duty steel construction is engineered to put up with tough environments. The two rigid front castors and two rear swivel with brakes are more maneuverable in tight areas. We considers safety and comfort as a top priority.

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Electric High-Lift Hand Scissor pallet truck is an economic and effortless solution for loading and unloading super heavy goods.It could be used as a truck and platform.The heavy duty steel construction and electric power with single or double piston(s) to reduce operation efforts. 

This one is equipped with double pistons.

  • 1000kg or 1500kg for options.Max.800mm height.

  • Combine with pallet truck and platform.

  • Lifting by both manual electric. Lowering by manual

  • Heavy duty design to reliable quality.

  • The high efficiency casting pump has a one year warranty.

  • Reliable oil leak-proof hydraulic system.

  • Package: 2pcs of one composite wooden pallet.

  • No decrease of capacity.     

  • Quick lift as standard.

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  • Go up or down to the settled height automatically.

  • Single cylinder system guarantees no risk of oil leakage and no risk of dropping to the second piston suddenly.

  • Safety: Patented safety system on handle to prevent accidental touch of the release handle that causing sudden slding down of the  fork.User can screw the release handle tight in slow or quick lifting position.

  • Conforms to EN1757-4.

  • Standard painting system ensures the best power coasting and painting quality.

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  • Customized design available!

  • 1. It has dual functions of common hydraulic forklift and automatic lift, and its position can be moved according to need.

  • 2. Equipped with photoelectric automatic height tracking system to ensure that the stack automatically rises to the set height after taking out the paper.

  • 3. Equipped with multi-stage telescopic hydraulic cylinder, it can automatically lift, stable, reliable and noise-free.

  • 4. Electric lifting, manpower moving, a charge can be used for a long term.

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  • Large capacity batteries, providing longer working hours.

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  • Forks are made of high strength steel, which can carry goods of various materials and heavier goods.

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  • Different :

  •  This is for 1 ton Loading wheel

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Electric High Lift Scissor Truck

New design with two stage larger piston;

Ergonomic handle offers you simple and comfortable operation

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Since sometimes manual pumping is way too tiring for operators, Semi-electric high lift scissor trucks are designed. Semi-electric high lift scissor trucks are able to electrically lift-up. As result, they can probably replace some of the semi-electric stackers/lift tables. Compare to them, the cheaper price and 0.8 m lifting height make them competitive and prospective.