High quality hydraulic manual pallet truck 2ton 2.5ton 3ton hand pallet jacks with imported pump for warehouse

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A hand pallet truck is a tool that is used to lift pallets using two forks. hand pallet trucks are commonly used in warehouses to simplify the lifting, moving and delivering processes.

A hand pallet jack is used to easily move pallets and is a required tool for material handling in the warehouse and organizing pallets inside small spaces such as a truck trailer.

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Pallet trucks are used to move and organize pallets inside a trailer, especially when there is no Forklift access or availability.

Hand pallet trucks are a versatile piece of kit and a must for any warehouse. Agile and easy-to-operate, these trucks are the perfect choice whenever you need to transport large volumes of goods or heavy loads quickly and efficiently over short distances

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These hydraulic hand pallet trucks are specially designed for smooth horizontal movement inside the operating areas.

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Our range of Pallet Trucks are designed for deployment in Warehouses or large Storage Rooms. They have various fork widths depending on the size of your pallets.

Steel Pallet Truck with Adjustable Forks Hydraulic pumps on these trucks help you easily raise and move pallets

Hydraulic pumps on these trucks help you easily raise and move pallets. The forks are rounded and have a cutout for the load wheels. The handle has a three-position hand control (raise, lower, and neutral). A relief valve prevents pressure build-up to provide overload protection.

All you need to do is pull the convenient lever in the large steering handle and effortlessly deposit the load. The special handle design of the Hand Pallet Trucks offer maximum protection for the operator and makes raising loads and steering easier.

The hand pallet truck is without any doubt the most basic, yet essential, tool in materials handling. Also known as pallet jacks, hand Pallet Jacks, Manual Pallet Trucks, hand jack lift,Pallet Trolleys or jiggers, our hand pallet trucks are relatively small and use integrated hydraulics to raise and lower the forks for easy pallet transportation. 

They are commonly used to move pallets and palletised loads. With a high-quality design, they easily make a reliable workshop assistant. Our extensive range is designed to suit various requirements across your organisation. Hand pallet trucks are used to raise and transport pallets manually. The trucks are used in industrial applications and require a flat surface for proper operation.

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When the manual pallet truck is in use, the fork it carries is inserted into the pallet hole, and the hydraulic system is driven by the ability to realize the lifting and lowering of the pallet cargo, and the handling operation is completed by human pulling. It is the most convenient, most effective and common loading and unloading tool in pallet transportation tools

The Hand Pallet Truck is the ideal ”storage aid” and ”handling partner” for all manual transport tasks over short distances, excellently suitable for use on lorries, in small warehouses and markets ect.

For safe operation of the Hand Pallet Truck, please read all warning signs and instructions on the package and on the pallet truck prior to use. 

Moving materials with a hand pallet truck may seem easy, but safe handling requires skill.

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Raise the forks by pushing the actuating lever down and pumping the handle. This is only time the handle should be down--to jack the pallet. A one inch clearance between the floor and pallet is usually sufficient.

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Put the actuating lever in a neutral or middle position to move the load. This position disengages the lifting mechanism and frees the handle from hydraulic resistance, but keeps the forks raised. When the lever is released, it will automatically return to the neutral position.

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A pallet truck/jack is recommended to use a hydraulic oil of viscosity 30cSt at 40°C. If an oil with different viscosity used, one might find it difficult to pump the pallet truck’s handle.

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The types of pallet jacks include lowered pallet jacks, 4-direction pallet jacks, low profile pallet jacks, stainless steel pallet jacks, single fork pallet jacks, scissor lift pallet jacks & specialized pallet jacks. 

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Pallet Jacks can handle load capacities from 2tons to 5tons. Pallet trucks such as skid pallet trucks, load lifers, quick lift trucks & portable electronic scale trucks are available.

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