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Scissor Lift Pallet truck is a small, convenient, flexible, heavy-duty, durable cargo handling tool. The high lift manual hydraulic truck is normally used in a warehouse to transport the goods from one place to another, so as to save man power.

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The High Scissor Pallet Truck is a manual pump operated high lift truck designed to handle applications such as lifting and transporting skids and bottomless containers, loading/unloading conveyor systems, in areas where the truck may be exposed to water and/or corrosive materials and is perfectly suited for use as a work station.

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The Scissor Lift Pallet Truck are a combination of a regular hand pallet truck and a scissor lift. Free entry pallets can be transported and lifted to a comfortable working level.

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New design with larger piston offer you real 1000kg and 1500kg capacity, Extremely easy to pump and light make this unit very suitable as combined hand pallet truck and lift table.

High lift pallet trucks are designed to load and unload feed presses, conveyors or any applications that require moving, lifting and positioning of pallets or containers of materials. 

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High Lift Pallet Trucks are useful when loading / unloading pallets and help to minimise back injury caused by repetitive strains, particularly on prodution/piece worker lines.

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The high lift pallet truck is designed to eliminate repetitive back strain when loading or offloading pallets by hand. The high lift pallet truck has a scissor action to lift pallets to a working height of 800mm. 

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Our scissor lift pallet trucks conform to the latest applicable health and safety regulations and can help to reduce the chances of  a back strain or injury.

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A high lift pallet truck or scissor lift pallet truck is similar to a standard pallet truck, however they provide the ability to raise pallets up to waist height.  

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A high-lift pallet jack, as the name suggests, has a longer reach than a standard pallet jack. This ability is provided via a scissor lift: Metal supports that crisscross to lift and lower the machine’s platform.  
It is also named Scissor Lift pallet jack, High-lift scissor pallet truck, high-lift pallet truck, Hi-lifter truck, Scissor Lift Pallet Truck, manual pallet lifters, high-rise pallet trucks, high rise lift truck, scissor-lift pallet jacks, and skid jacks.

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Built to work like a Stacker and Pallet Truck combined, the ergonomic design of the High Scissor Lift helps prevent bending and back injuries thereby reducing costly worker compensation claims.
High-lift pallet trucks provide a highly functional handling solution that delivers greater efficiency and productivity. With an ergonomic design that reduces workplace injuries and maximises convenience, these trucks are designed to bring materials closer to the actual working height of your employees.

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scissor high lift pallet truck have flawless ergonomics that support physical comfort and reduced emissions.
The unit has 2 lateral stabilisers which prevent it from moving when the forks are raised above a certain level, helping to ensures the safety of the operator.

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The scissor-type high-lift truck can be used as a working platform as well as transport. Its body design is compact, and the oil pump has a fast lifting function

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Manual high-lift pallet jacks have a foot pedal or handle that operators pump to activate the pallet jacks' hydraulic pump and lift their forks. 

These pallet trucks are different from the standard pallet truck. In a standard pallet truck the lifted height achieved is 200 mm but in high lift pallet truck the lifted height of the pallet is 800mm or 900 mm.

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Not suitable for closed bottom pallets or any load which is off centre or overhangs, as the pallet footprint and may cause the unit to be out of balance.

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Scissor pallet truck with manual-hydraulic lift or electric-hydraulic lift option, It can be divided into electric high-lift scissor pallet trucks and manual high-lift scissor pallet trucks. 

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The high-lift scissor pallet truck can not only be transported, but also used as a working platform.  

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While electric scissor lift pallet jack trucks are multi-functional, simple, and compact, which can be lifted by electric hydraulic power and manually moved without the use of a fork truck, Ideal to use for lifting and transporting loads, order-picking, die-handling, and assembly operations.