Hight Scissor Lift Hydraulic Pallet China Truck 1500kg Hand Operated Lift Truck 180*50mm 1 Years 1500 Kg 78*60mm 110 Kg

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A manual or electrical scissor lift pallet jack/pallet truck is a critical tool in a warehouse. The scissor lift pallet truck allows you to lift and transport a pallet from one place to another without the use of a forklift. 

Simple to operate and effective. Designed to support large amounts of weight, pallet jacks usually are constructed with blades that slide under the pallet and are gently lifted with the use of a manual hydraulics.

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Scissor Hand pallet truck also known as manual pallet truck, hand pallet truck when use the carrying goods fork into the tray hole,by the ability to drive hydraulic system to realize the pallet load lifting and falling, and pulled by human complete handling operations.

It is the simplest and most effective tray in the transport, the most common type of loading and unloading, handling tools,widely used in logistics,warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, airports, stadiums, station, airport and so on

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It is ideal for applications requiring frequently varied working heights because unlike a fixed lifting table typically used in these types of applications, it can function as both a hand pallet truck and mobile work positioner that can raise, lower and transport material.

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Manual scissor hand pallet truck, with its easy to operate lift mechanism and robust yet lightweight construction, delivers the combined value of a hand pallet truck and a lift table. 

We provide Scissor Hand Pallet Truck to our customers. These pallet trucks are widely demanded in various industries because of its high performance, no risk of oil leakage and easy operations       

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Product Features:

  • Works as a pallet jack to transport pallet loads of product around your warehouse.

  • Lifts pallets to the height of a table or work surface so you can slide products off pallet without lifting.

  • The shear fork is thick and durable, and the gap is widened in the middle to prevent accidental pinch Items, more secure.

  • The fork adopts the overall stamping forming process. The surface of the fork is electrostatically sprayed to prevent wear.

  • Easy to operate with buttons to control lifting.

  • Long handle designed to enable the operator to maintain a sufficient safety distance with the vehicle body, slip, easy to operate.

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Scientific Design:  The thickened anti-pinch scissors is strong and durable, will prevent accidental pinching.
It conforms to the ergonomics principle, with overload protection, safer and more reliable.
Double Cylinders: High-quality sealed cylinder to avoid oil leakage, double hydraulic piston rod makes the fork lift faster and higher.
Ergonomic Handle:  The long handle design enables the operators to maintain a safe distance from the truck, and the button is just like the car control button, which is easy to operate, stable and labor-saving.

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This Pallet Lifter is designed for manually raise open-bottom pallets to proper working height..
   1. Character: Extremely easy to pump and light make this unit very suitable as combined hand pallet truck and lift table.
   2. Quick-lift as standard with automatic transfer to normal lifting with loads over 150kg.
   3. Automatic descending speed control by a uniquely hydraulic valve,the decending speed always keeps same regardless the truck with or without load. lt will prevent cargo damage from fast descending.
   4. Front support legs and adjustable stabilizers extended to the floor automatically when the forks reach a height of 420mm, to ensure maximum stability and optimum braking.
   5. Ergonomic warm handle offers you simple and comfortable operation.
   6. Heavy duty design: 4mm steel plate fork frame and larger lift piston ensure the truck to reach rated capacity.
  7.Conforms to EN1757-4    

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Advantages of hand operated lift truck:

1) Ideal design with numerous possibilities makes this unit very suitable as pallet truck/scissor lift table.

2) Telescopic jack composes of 3 piston rods creating light pumping force giving great rigidity.

3) Support legs come into operation automatically.

4) It prevents the unit from moving when the forks are raised to keep the safety of the operator.

5) Truck automatically slows the descending speed when heavy goods loaded to  prevent cargo damage.

6) 210 degree turning radius.

7) 2 lateral stabilizers when raised ensure good stability

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with CE certificate, use cast integrated oil leak-proof hydraulic pump.
with fork entry roller;
Wheel option: nylon/PU
Fork size wxl: 550x1150mm or 685x1220mm

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1500KG Pallet Hydraulic Truck Manual Hand High Scissor Lift CE Certification

Single piston and double piston for option.
When lifting height is higher than 420mm, supporting leg will brake, to ensure safe operation.
Meet CE standard.
Standard with PU wheels.
Galvanized and stainless steel for option.

 When lifting height below 420mm, it is easy to move as a pallet truck, above 420mm the truck is automatically locked by triggering the supports at both sides of the steering wheels.  

AC integrated casting pump 

   1.Good sealing performance: Overall seal, avoid leaking
   2.Each piston rod with chromium plating treatment
   3.Overflow valve has overload protection
   4.Whole overflow valve in view, so can be fixed easy
   Notice:The min lifting height is 85mm

DF welding pump 
   Reduce the whole pallet truck costs, affordable, 
with the following advantages:
   1.  Oil pump with manual slow down control valve, high safety
   2.  Three adjustable handle for easy operation
   3.  In the front of fork is cambered, easy to insert the pallet
   4.  C-type fork can support heavy load, durable
   5.  The fork can be manually adjusted to control 
      the minimum height of the fork
Notice:The min lifting height is 75mm

The difference between the two:  
  AC oil pump is a pump, one-time casting molding.

  DF oil pump is split pump is separate welded, the advantages of an integral pump is raised after loading effort,The valve core is an integral whole, and the valve core has the advantages of long service life, little trouble and labor saving.

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The nylon wheel has low turning power,

Light pulling, stable chemical properties and so on,

Suitable for the use of cement ground

PU wheel (also called polyurethane wheel)

Wear resistance, no indentation, mute, shock absorption,

It is suitable for marble, paint and epoxy floor

Quick Details
 Applicable Industries:
 Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Food Shop, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops
 Min. Lifting Height:
 Fork Length:
 Fork Width:
 Overall Dimensions:
 1 Year
 Machinery Test Report:
 Video outgoing-inspection:
 After-sales Service Provided:
 No overseas service provided, Online support
 Product Name:
 hand pallet truck
 Customer Demanded
 Loading Capacity:
 3000 (kg)
 After Warranty Service:
 Video technical support

 Quick Details
 Min. Lifting Height:
 Fork Length:
 Fork Width:
 Overall Dimensions:
 Machinery Test Report:
 Video outgoing-inspection:
 Warranty of core components:
 1  Year
 Core Components:
 Weight  (KG):
 112 kg
 Power Source:
 Steering Wheel:
 Double-Piston Pump
 Steering Wheels Size:
 Max.Fork  Height:
 Loading  Capacity:
 Item Name:
 High Lift Pallet Truck
 After Warranty Service:
 Videotechnical support, Online support, Spare parts

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   For use with Single-Faced Pallets, Skids and Bulk Containers only

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We are dedicatedly engaged in presenting a highly commendable Scissor Hand Pallet Truck, which is best in class and durable in nature