Extra wide hand truck custom width 2000kg 2500kg Wide AC Hand Pallet Truck for Sale with CE

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The pallet truck is designed for those pallets that are just a bit different such as american or brickyard pallets. 

This hand pallet truck had wider than standard across forks dimensions of 685x1150mm, better for bigger pallets.

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A high quality hand Pallet Truck with Double Rollers and Wider than standard fork dimensions of 685x1150mm

The standard pallet truck with a wider loading width for transporting special wide pallets such as those used in brickworks. The perfectly coordinated technical components of the one-hand control system give you total freedom of movement.

Using the convenient operating lever on the handle you can execute all three functions of lifting, transporting and lowering quickly and easily. For maximum safety the pallet comes not only with rubber steering rollers and polyurethane tandem fork rollers with ball-bearings but an integrated pressure control valve.

Supplied with quieter running wheels that offer more grip and offers better protection against damage on delicate flooring surfaces.

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A hand pallet truck, also known as a hand pallet jack, pallet pump, pump truck, scooter, dog, or jigger is a tool used to lift and move pallets, while Extra extra wide hand pallet trucks are ideal for handling non standard wide loads. 

The extra-wide pallet trucks provide additional support under irregularly wide loads. This pallet truck can access nearly all pallets from every side, but with blue CHEP pallets, it can only lift them from the two sides with taller gaps. These trucks are designed for rigorous every-day use pushing and pulling pallets in a wide range of industries. They easily lift pallets with their tiller-pump and release trigger.

      Stable and Reliable      
      - The reinforcements on the backs of all forks ensure their reliability      
      -Robotic welding technology provides smoother finish and higher strength of truck body      
      - Solid forks through integral stamping      
      - Standard handle with ergonomic loop design reduces operator’s fatigue      
      - Pallet Entry and exit rollers offer easier entry and exit of pallet      

      High Performance      
      - The hydraulic handle offers three control positions: lift, lower and neutral      
      Easy Maintenance      
      - Galvanization of oil pump to avoid rust and extend its service life      
      -Overload protection prevents the truck from application under overloaded condition, reducing its maintenance cost -Fully enclosed      
      pump avoids contamination and oil leaking      
      -Convenient access to lubrication points for easy maintenance

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1.Hand brake / drive hand pallet truck.
2.Easy 3 position control handle-- Raise, Lower, Neutral.
3.Ergonomic rubber wrapped handle, which is comfortable and convenient to operate.
4.Fork Lowering speed is controllable, operated by hand control and foot pedal.
5.Integrated casting pump without welding, with safety overload & bypass system
6.Hand pallet truck is with entry & exit rollers.
7.Solid steel lifting rods for extra strength.
8.Options :Nylon wheel, Rubber Wheel, gingle fork load wheel or tandem fork load wheel.
9.Special requirements are available.
10.Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Product name Super width Hand pallet truck
Small and light, used in limited space.
Excellent stability in operation even on the empty.
Smooth travel and lift combine with excellent controls to reduce product damage and increase productivity.
Suitable for pallets with super width.

High reliability, suitable for a variety of environments. It can be used for 3 ~ 5 years under normal maintenance.
The first design of forging&casting integral pump, which prevents any loosening and leakage.
High-strength alloy steel carefully crafted, increased loading capacity.
Set the active safety valve to prevent overloading of operation.
Maintenance-free design, ensure security, reduce service cost.

54mm fork thickness ensures high capacity. 

Optimized round fork tips ensure easy operation.

Curve design on the fork tips help pallets entry in/out.

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1500kg extra wide hand pallet truck suitable for ultra wide pallet

Model: Hand pallet truck with super width

Capacity: 1500kg

Lowered fork height: 85/75mm

Total lift height: 200/190mm

Height of handleless: 431.5/421.5mm

Width overall forks: 740/830/965/1000/1200/1400mm

Steering wheel: 200/180mm

Fork wheel: 80/74mm

Service weight: 100kg

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Extra Wide Hand Pallet Trucks2-4.jpgExtra Wide Hand Pallet Trucks2-6.jpg

Extra Wide Hand Pallet Trucks2-2.jpg

Load capacitykg1500
Lowered fork heightmm85/75
Total lift heightmm200/190
Height of handlelessmm431.5/421.5
Fork lengthmm1150/1220
Width overall forksmm740/830/965/1000/1200/1400
Steering wheelmm200/180
Fork wheelmm80/74
Truck weightkg100

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Extra Wide Hand pallet truck  

with a wider loading width of 850mm (across outside of forks)    
Capacity 2000 kg    
For the professional transportation of special pallets, e.g. brickyard pallets or american pallets.    
• Ergonomic safety control handle for one-hand operation of lifting, driving and lowering.    
• Ergonomic rubber control handle for safe handling.    
• Low maintenance high performance hydraulic pump with hard chromium plated piston and pressure relief valve.    
• Frame and forks in robust steel construction, adjustable connecting rods, especially hardened axles and the high quality powder coating ensure a long life expectancy.    
• Steering angle of 105 degree to each side for easy handling in confined spaces. 2000kg Hydraulic  Adjustable Fork Width And Multi-function Hand Pallet Truck Manual Forklift

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2500kg Capacity and Heavy Duty Contruction

Integral pump body, with all major rotating points equipped with oil free self-lubricating bearings or injection nozzles.

Single step moulding process, with fork and frames welded by robot.

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Quick Details
 1 Year
 Customized support:
 Lift Drive / Actuation:
 CE, ISO9001, Other
 OEM Service:
 Available and welcome
 Supply Ability
 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
 Packaging & Delivery
 1.  Each pallet truck packed by cardboard, every 6pcs of pallet trucks packed in one pallet.
 2.  Outside of the package wrapped with plastic film.
 3.  User manual packed with trucks.

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 Extra Wide Fork Rubber Wheeled Hand Jack Pallet Truck Hydraulic Cylinder Seals For Hand Pallet Truck

 Core Components:
 Product Name:
 Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
 Manual Pallet Truck
 Rated Load:
 Max. Lifting Height:
 lifting height:
 Net Weight:

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Always check your pallet sizes first, to ensure that you have the most appropriate hand pallet truck size for your needs. If you are unsure of the pallet truck size that would best suit your requirements the best, then please contact our technical sales team.  

We can now offer super wide pallet trucks with widths from 1500 to 3000mm across the forks.