Super Wide Pallet Truck Customized extra wide pallet hydraulic hand truck

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Extra Wide pallet jack (or Extra Wide Hand Truck) is designed for moving and lifting non standard, oversize, awkward or extra wide pallets or machines. Available in different widths. Rollers under the fork tips make them easy to use, Suitable for Warehousing, Retail, Storage facilities.

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This Extra Wide Hand Truck has a heavy duty welded steel frame and pneumatic tires. The hand truck supports up to 2.5ton and rolls smoothly on pneumatic tires. This extra wide hand truck also features a folding platform for easy storage and a P-handle for easy maneuverability and control.

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Extra Wide Hand Truck are brand new and are ideal for handling heavy, large, bulky items.

Extra wide pallet trucks are ideal for transporting high volume goods.

Basic parameters
  • Capacity: 1T, 1.5T, 2T

  • Lift height: 1200mm, 1000mm, 800mm

  • Fork length: 1220mm, 1150mm

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  • A one-piece cast hydraulic pump ensures no looseness and no leakage.

  • The extra wide pallet truck is suitable for a variety of environments with a traditional service life of 3 to 5 years.

  • Made of a high-strength alloy steel, it features a large load capacity.

  • Set active safety valve to avoid the overload use.

  • The humanized design with a standard foot pedal and guide design ensures an easy operation, high efficiency and lower labor intensity.

    Stable and Reliable
  -  The reinforcements on the backs of all forks ensure their reliability  
  -  Robotic welding technology provides smoother finish and higher strength of truck body  
  -  Solid forks through integral stamping     


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Features of Extra Wide Hand Pallet Trucks:

  • Normal Weight Capacity 2000kg - 2500 kg

  • No routine maintenance required on the hydraulic unit and bearings.

  • Two steering wheels

  • Lead-in / Lead-out rollers under the fork tips enable pallets to be entered with ease.

  • Pressure relief valve/ overload valve so the unit can't be overloaded for OH&S purposes.

  • Three widths available

  • Overall width 800mm - 1000mm

  •  This Extra Wide Pallet Jacks made in china are often "Order In" special items and have a lead time,
                Please confirm lead time with our office prior to ordering.

Fork Overall Width 800mm900mm1000mm
Fork Height Range75 - 190mm75 - 190mm75 - 190mm
Fork Length1150mm1150mm1150mm
Individual Fork Width 160mm160mm160mm
Overall Fork Length1150mm1150mm1150mm
Load Roller (diameter x width)80 x 92mm80 x 92mm80 x 92mm
Steering Wheel (diameter x width)180 x 50mm180 x 50mm180 x 50mm


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Customized Width 800mm/1000mm Hand Pallet Truck

Quick Details
 Min.  Lifting Height:
 Fork Length:
 Fork Width:
 Overall Dimensions:
 Machinery Test Report:
 Video outgoing-inspection:
 Marketing Type:
 Ordinary  Product
 Warranty of core components:
 1  Year
 Core Components:
 Weight  (KG):
 80 kg
 Product Name:
 Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
 Load Capacity:
 Max. Lifting Height:
 Min. Fork Height:
 Fork Size:
 Casting Pump
 Load Center:
 Big Wheel Size:
 Fork Wheel Size:
 Material of wheel:


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Product Detail

Product NameHydraulic Hand Pallet Truck
Load Capacity2500/3000kg
Max. Lifting Height200mm
Min. Fork Height85mm
Fork Size800x1150/1000x1150mm/450X1150mm
PumpCasting Pump
Load Center500mm
Big Wheel Size180/200*50mm
Fork Wheel Size80*70/74*70
ColorCustomized Color
Product Keywordsnarrow pallet jack, extra wide hand pallet truck, custom width pallet jack

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Three position trigger function for lifting, neutral and lowering. 

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Extra wide hand pallet trucks are ideal for handling non standard wide loads. 

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These 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg, 2500kg Extra wide Hand Pallet Truck Jacks are fitted with a high-quality hydraulic pump units and triple action control handles allowing for either lifting, lowering or steering.

As well as the standard pallet trucks, we also offer a range of specialized, unique pallet trucks. There are extra-long pallet trucks, extra wide pallet trucks, 2000kg-5000kg, weigh scale pallet trucks, reel lifters, high lifting pallet trucks and also electric powered pallet trucks.