China Made Rough Terrain Pallet Truck All Terrain Pallet Jack

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1250KG 1.25ton High Quality Hydraulic Lifting Manual Pallet Jack Rough Terrain Pallet Jack Terrain Truck
 Specification  :
 This special rough terrain truck is for applications such as builders yards, garden centers or out on site where there is only an occasional need for moving pallets by forklifts or where no ordinary forklift or even pallet ruck can go (for example rooftops where forklifts aren't allowed).
 Large wheels and straddle forks arrangement can be used for any type of pallet on uneven ground.
 Great equipment to move heavy loads up till 1250KG
 Ergonomic design of the frame to reduce the operation effort

 Meanwhile the truck is robust enough for the purpose to work outside such as builders yard, garden centers where there's only an occasional need for moving pallets by forklifts or where no ordinary forklift or even pallet truck can go.

The forklift is adjustable for special dimension pallet.

•  High-performance hydraulic pump features quality seals

•  Welded tubular steel frame with powder coated finish

•  Adjustable forks to coordinate with different requirements

•  Large, easy-rolling pneumatic wheels have sealed bearings

•  Easy-to-operate 3-position pump handle features Up, Down and Neutral positions

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The rough pallet truck is designed for areas where ordinary pallet trucks cannot be used easily due to the type of surface or debris. 

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Rough Terrain Pallet Truck has been designed to travel over ground where ordinary pallet trucks have difficulty. It is suitable for Nurseries, Builders Yards and out on site and this offers an affordable solution to problems of handling palletised goods over difficult terrain

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It is great for applications such as timber yards, brick yards and hard stand areas where the ground is gravel or rough.

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It is designed to travel on ground that is difficult to reach by common pallet trucks. This provides an affordable solution to the problem of handling palletized goods in difficult terrain. 

The load is lifted and moved to an appropriate location and the load is also lowered by pressing the lever upwards.