Wire rope and spring need to replace by stainless steel when used in marine enviroment

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Rope Not go in almost all the fall arrester same, So have to improve your product

Self-Retracting Fall Arrester With 30mtr Wire Rope 140kg.jpg

If good One we have long time business with you. We have many units that need to be purchased in the next few months.

Spring all Broken--new fall arrester (round type)-4.jpg

Spring all Broken for the round type fall arrester: https://youtube.com/shorts/2wCU_zNoK3o?feature=share

RAMHOIST: this is due to the marine enviroment which corrodes the fall arrester, you need to clean it if not use, we suggest to replace the wire rope and spring to stainless steel to be anti-corrosive and keep longer time

Customer: Ok please can do us this new orders 8pcs 

RAMHOIST: ok, but cost will increase 50 USD/unit

Customer: Ok will add next order it's ok for you ? 


Attention for use to prolong service life

Keep the device in its original packaging when not in use, or when transporting. The lanyard or lifeline should be fully retracted into the device when not in use.

Periodically clean the exterior of the device and wipe the lanyard or lifeline using a damp cloth with mild detergent. 

Periodically disinfect the exterior of the device and wipe the lanyard or lifeline using water mixed with ethanol.

Store the fall arrester in a cool, dry, clean environment, out of direct sunlight. Avoid areas where chemical vapours may exist.Inspect the fall arrester after extended storage.