Technical & offer inquiry for Blank pallet elevator from Bangladesh

Keyword:Blank pallet elevator   Time:2022-8-5 19:40:43

Attn: Mr Yang
Dear Sir,

Good day!!

Would you provide Technical & offer the specification of the Blank pallet elevator found attached plzz? 

FYI, end user prefer Option-1 as per spec.

Blank Pallet Elevator Specification.jpg

1. Max. Lifting Height = 800mm

2. Min Height = 10mm

3. Elevating Time = Below 50 Sec

4. Operating Switch

    i. Up Switch

   ii. Down Switch

  iii. Pause Switch

  iv. Emergency Switch

5. Drive: Electro-Hydraulic

1.最大起升高度 = 800mm

2. 最小高度 = 10mm

3. 提升时间 = 低于 50 秒

4. 操作开关

    i. 向上开关

    ii. 向下开关

   iii. 暂停开关

   iv. 紧急开关


RAMHOIST:  May i know what's the quantity? thanks

Customer:  25-30 units

RAMHOIST: 1100 USD/unit

Scissor hand pallet truck-2.jpg

Customer: Dear Concern,

Good day!!
Thanks for your price.

See attached file our final dimensions of what we need and let us confirm your availability.

空托盘尺寸:Blank Pallet L=1194mm X W=813mm X H=991mm

Fork Specification for Blank Pallet Elevator Option-1.jpg

RAMHOIST: Min Height of Fork is 85mm, not 10mm in your description or 70mm in your measurement.

Fork outer width 540mm but not 550mm in your measurement. (550mm is normally the normal hand pallet truck ford outer width, and i assume what you measurement is normal hand pallet truck, pls see: