Lifting Forklift Cylinders for Argentina

Keyword:Lifting Forklift Cylinders   Time:2022-8-12 11:09:36

Customer: Hi Edward

I need to find this

Sorry, Yang

RAMHOIST: quantity

Customer: 10

how much?

RAMHOIST: 60usd/set

Customer: ok. is possible sen with DHL ??

RAMHOIST: what's the location

Customer: Argentina

RAMHOIST: 14usd * 250kg= 3500 usd

Customer:We have a better rate.

We could coordinate the pick up ourselves.


Customer: Do you have any pictures of the product to check?

升高叉车油缸 by RAMHOIST.jpg

升高叉车油缸 by RAMHOIST-1.jpg

Customer: You can find with this?

I need with a handgrip pressure release?

need with a handgrip pressure release.jpg