Rough terrain hydraulic hand pallet truck for USA

Keyword:   Time:2022-9-15 7:49:38

Looks like a great product! We need the forks to be about 

Rough terrain hydraulic hand pallet truck.jpg

4’ long. Lifting pallets of stone and transporting from front yard to

Back yard. Would not be raised more than a foot off the ground. Is this possible? Do you have a distributer in the USA?

What is the cost?

I can be reached at 805-2**-**** or li****** 
Thank you, Michael

货叉4 英尺 (1.22 米)长。 提升石头托盘并从前院运输到后院。 不会被抬离地面超过一英尺 (0.3 米)。 这可能吗?

RAMHOIST: Normal fork length is 860mm, is it acceptable?