Hand Pallet Truck (Capacity: 3000 kg), Qty-04

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Dear Sir,
Hope you are doing well. Bangladesh Navy will purchase Hand Pallet Truck 
(Capacity: 3000 kg), Qty-04. I have attached herewith specification, 
please find & send us quotation including freight up to sea port 
Chattogram, Bangladesh.

We eagerly waiting for your kind feedback.
Best Regards,
Sharique Uddin


RAMHOIST:  140 USD/unit * 4 units = 560 USD

Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight: 300 USD
your estimated custom clearance cost: 300 USD
Above cost is based on CFR  Chattogram, Bangladesh.

Customer: Dear Yang,
Thank you so much for your quotation. Is your total price 860 USD? 4 x 
140=560 USD & Freight 300 USD.
We confused regarding custom clearance cost 300 USD. Its your cost in 
China or our Bangladeshi cost?
I have attached herewith authorization letter, please find & send us 
with seal & sign in your letterhead.
Please also send us fulfilled compliance statement by email attachment.
Best Regards,
Sharique Uddin


CFR  Chattogram, Bangladesh: 560 + 300 = 860USD

no need tools

attached Authorization Letter

Customer: Dear Yang, We need this letter your letterhead/ official pad. We need 
also filled compliance statement, please fulfilled compliance statement, 
then send me.
Tomorrow is tender date, please send it by today.

RAMHOIST: attached revised Authorization Letter






Name   of equipment: Hand Pallet Truck.  


Purpose: The hand   pallet truck will be used to card heavy equipment at workshop of BN Dockyard



Quantity: 04   (Four) in number complete sets.


Manufacturer,   Principal Supplier & Local Supplier: Name and full   address is to be mentioned.

a. Manufacturer: To be mentioned.

Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.

b. Principal Supplier: To be mentioned. 

Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.

c. Local Supplier: To be mentioned.

Nanjing Ram Machinery Co., Ltd.


Year of Manufacture: 2022 or later. The item should be brand new and original.

Brand new


Country of origin: USA, UK, EU Counties, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Turkey   and New Zealand.



Manufacturing Country:   USA, UK, EU Counties, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Turkey   and New Zealand



Certificate/Document of Authentication: The  local supplier must provide following original certificate(s)/document(s) with the offer/quotation of items as regard to the genuinity of source and   item(s) in order to establish chain of links from the original source to   supply items:

a.   One certificate/ document by the manufacturer in favour of the supplier (in   case of manufacturer as direct source).


b.   Two certificates/documents, one by the manufacturer to authorized agent and other by the authorized agent to supplier (in case of authorized agent as immediate source).


Standard: The Hand Pallet Truck is to be designed and constructed fulfilling the requirement of International standards. The standards to which the quoted Hand Pallet Truck complies with are to be specified (class certificate, 150 etc).

EN 1757-22001


Ambient   Condition:

a.      Temperature:  +05oC to +45oC


b.     Relative  Humidity: Up to 95%.


c.      Climate:  Tropical.


d.     Location:  Close to the sea shore.



Scope of Supply: The scope of supply is to include the followings:

a. Main items (04 x Hand Pallet Truck) complete with all items necessary for immediate operation without the requirement of any   other items (attachments, accessories, etc) (as per paragraph 12 and 13).


b. Optional items and standard tools (as   per paragraph 14 and 15).


c. Spare parts (as per paragraph).


d.   Documents (operation and maintenance manual, spare parts catalogue, certificates etc, as applicable) (as per paragraph 17 and 18).


e. Test/ Trial, and Acceptance (as per paragraph 19).


f. Warranty and Guarantee (as per   paragraph 20 and 21).


g. Any other issue relevant (If any).



Technical   Specification:

a. Type: Hydraulic hand pallet truck.

b. Model: To be mentioned.


c. Maker: To be mentioned.


d. Load carrying capacity: Minimum 3000 kg (To be mentioned).


e. Fork Roller material: High quality rubber (To be mentioned).

Nylon wheel

f. Fork length: Minimum 1200 mm (To be mentioned).


g. Fork width: Minimum 650 (To be  mentioned).


h. Ground clearance. Centre of  wheelbase: Not less than 40 mm.


j. Lowered fork height: 70-85 mm (To be mentioned).


k. Max. Lifting height: 70-85 mm (To be mentioned).


l. Fork outside distance (mm): To be mentioned.


m. Chassis: Steel plate frame.


n. Total height (mm): To be mentioned.


p. Overall height (mm): To be mentioned.


q. Total truck weight (kg): To be mentioned.



Standard Accessories: Standard accessories must include all items and accessories, which are essential to operate the Hand Pallet Truck, whether those are mentioned in this specification or not. A list of such items / accessories indicating item wise price must be included in the quotation (price included in the Total Price).


Optional items: A  list of optional items which may be required for each the Hand Pallet Truck is to be provided (price not included in the total price).


Standard Tools: One (01) set of tools for maintenance for each the Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck is to be provided indicating item wise price. Quantity and specification of the tools are to be mentioned in details in the quotation (price should be included in the total price).


Spare Parts: A list of recommended spare parts required for 5 years of satisfactory operation is to be provided indicating item wise price in details (price not included in the  total price).


Documents: 02 (Two) sets of following documents in English language are to be supplied free of cost with each the equipment (One set to be supplied with the offer):

a.   Operation and maintenance manual.

b.   Spare parts catalogue/ordering book.

c.   Factory test certificate/performance certificate.


Quality Assurance Certificate:   Quality assurance certificate in respect of the associated equipment in regards to its manufacturing and performance is to be provided at the time of delivery of the items.


Test/ Trial and Acceptance:  Test and trial will be carried out by the purchaser in presence of supplier’s representative and if test/trial is found satisfactory, certificate will be signed jointly by the representative of supplier and the representative of buyer and to be forwarded to Chief Inspector of Naval St0res (CINS) office.


Warranty: Warranty for trouble free operation is to be given by the supplier/manufacturer for all the supplied items for a period of 12 months from the date of acceptance by the buyer. During the   warranty period, if the Hand Pallet Truck remains non-operational for any action pending by the supplier, the warranty period will be extended for the same period. The warranty covers all parts and labour (including service engineer’s cost) throughout the warranty period. For warranty repair/replacement, the supplier will collect the defective item from NSD Chattogram and re-supply the item to   the same place after warranty repair or for replacement.


Guarantee: The Principal/Manufacturer will guarantee to supply the spares for at least 05 years with reasonable price. Yearly increase of price of spares should not be more than 5% of the price list for spares to be supplied with the quotation.


Shipment (If applicable): The following information is lo be provided:

a.   The supplier will arrange shipment of all items by sea pot air port 10  Chattogram/ Dhaka, Bangladesh.

b.   All items are to be delivered in sea-worthy packing to ensure safe   transportation by sea/ air.

c.   All packages are to have packing notes showing their contents in details and all packages shall be marked with the name and address of the consignee and gross weight.

d.   The supplier will arrange transportation of all supplied items from Chattogram port/ Dhaka air port to the NSD Chattogram.

e. Port of Shipment: Any port of the manufacturing country. In case of shipment through any port of manufacturer authorized dealer, relevant manufacturer certificate is to be provided as a   proof of genuineness of the offered item



a. The items are to be delivered within 04 (Four) months from the date of signing the contract to the following  consignee:

The commanding  Officer

Naval Stores Depot Chittagong

New Mooring,   Chattogram, Bangladesh.

b. Place of Delivery: NSD Chattogram.


Validity of Offer: The offer should remain valid till 03 (three) months from the date of tender opening.


Price: If the item is imported against this order, price to be quoted without import duties.


Terms of Payment: 100% of Total Contract Price (TCP) will be paid in local currency as per existing rules after satisfactory test trial and acceptance by BN


Condition   for Acceptance of Quotation: Quotation has to have supporting documents (booklets, leaflet, catalogue, brochure etc) having detailed particulars of the offered Hand Pallet Truck. If detailed information regarding specifications, maker’s books and catalogue about the same model of the Hand Pallet Truck quoted, spare parts, accessories, scope of supply, etc   are not provided, the quotation will not be accepted.


Compliance: A compliance statement fulfilling all the   requirement of the tender is to be submitted for evaluation of the   quotations. Stating mere ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ will not suffice and detailed   description/ information as required is to be given. An incomplete compliance statement may attribute to cancellation of the offer. If any clause of this specification does not commensurate with the offered Hand Pallet Truck, the deviation has to be spelt out clearly.

Customer: Dear Yang,
Navy also wanted recommended spares for 05 years. Please send us 
quotation for some spares list with price.
Sharique Uddin

RAMHOIST:  check wear parts in this link: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1866.html

Customer: Dear Yang,
Hope you are doing well. We already get order from Navy. Please send us 
PI with Bank details , HS code, Country of Origin, Port of shipment etc.
Delivery Address: ****** Dhaka-1229.
Bill To: ******* 
Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh.
We eagerly waiting for your kind feedback.
Sharique Uddin

RAMHOIST: attached PI with bank details etc

Customer: Dear Wang,
Thank you for your PI, please include below delivery address in PI.
Delivery Address: Officer in charge, N****** Dhaka-1229, Bangladesh.

RAMHOIST: it is to your sea port

attached PI with invoice no.

RAMHOIST: we still have not received payment, would you send the revised payment slip?

e. Fork Roller material: High quality rubber (To be mentioned).

Nylon wheel
we will used Nylon wheel as we confirmed before, but it it not belong to rubber, it is plastic

Customer: Dear Yang,
Please find attached Bank slip.

Customer: Dear Yang,
Could you please arrange high quality rubber? Otherwise Navy Don't 
accept this product.
Navy next time will purchase more Hand Pallet truck.
We are keenly interested to represent your company in Bangladesh for 
defence sector Navy,Army & Airforce.

RAMHOIST: normally hand pallet truck use nylon wheel or PU wheel, either of them is not rubber, both of them are plastic

Customer: Dear Yang,
Okay please provide us which is suitable. We have no idea regarding 
nylon wheel or PU wheel.

RAMHOIST: nylon is more stable and wear-resisting and most used, it used in outdoor and hard ground, while pu is normally used indoor and soft ground

Customer: Okay, pls arrange nylon.


RAMHOIST: Hand Pallet Truck (Capacity 3000 kg) are ready to delivery, below are site photos:

Site photos of Hand Pallet Truck (Capacity 3000 kg)-1.jpg

Site photos of Hand Pallet Truck (Capacity 3000 kg)-3.jpg

Site photos of Hand Pallet Truck (Capacity 3000 kg)-2.jpg

Site photos of Hand Pallet Truck (Capacity 3000 kg)-4.jpg