12 ton cargo lift

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Dear Manufacturer,

Kindly find the attached drawings for Generator station-2 for dimensions and sections, Could you please provide competitive offer Material Hoist.

Notes : 

1- The required capacity is 12 ton.

2- Regarding speed we suggested 0.5m/s ; Also we required your suggestion.

3-Purpose – Moving Electrical transformers and generators from ground floor to above floors ( similar to Material Hoist but kindly required manufacturer suggestion).

4- With regards to heavy steel guides with supports to the concrete slab. We may build concrete wall for support the Material/ Hydraulic Hoist. we would first like to seek advice from the manufacturer before proceeding. 

65 MVA Structural Design-Rev3 Model (GF).pdf

Kindly find the attached final drawings with clear dimensions.

• Opening in both directions,

• We required heavy duty .

• Regarding speed , It’s upto your standards,

• Shaft size , You can in cad drawings,

• It is not necessary to be hydralic type, But we could have better functions to lift 12 ton.

. speed is 4-6m/min also acceptable

This is pit dimentions, cargo lift supposed to be less than this


6 m for each

please check this drawings

Section drawings Structural Design-Rev3 Model.pdf

Dear yes need access for basement 


Quotation of 12t cargo lift WSJD.xls


Customer: Dear we need to access basement as shown in pictures. Is your material hoist can access to basement 

we need to access basement as shown in pictures.jpg


(是的, 做到地下室了)

Customer: HI dear, can u pls show where is the steel guides with supports , how to connect to the concrete structure,

do we need to construct any additional column

RAMHOIST: It completely fill up the shaft, and no need for long steel guides with supports. We will provide additional iron square pipes to weld and fix guide rail to the shaft


the same way as the guide rail-1.jpg

the same way as the guide rail-2.jpg

Look at these two pictures, which are small elevators, the same way as the guide rail, you see and will understand