Quote complete set of Tune lifting to lift Rubber ingot 40 kg for Thailand

Keyword:lift Rubber ingot 40 kg   Time:2023-2-6 16:54:19

Customer: can you pls quote complete set of Tune lifting to lift Rubber ingot 40 kg

Rubber ingot 40 kg-1.jpg

Rubber ingot 40 kg-2.jpg


Customer: Thank you 

Can u tell me size of Lifting tube. Is Dia 160 mm?, Size of Vac pump? 

RAMHOIST: Let me explain, These Rubber ingots (rubber block) will be placed in an iron box, and sometimes the rubber ingots will be adhered, so we will use a larger lifting tube

we will use Diameter 300mm round bellow suction pad specially for rubber block, or we will use two sets of 250mm suction pads as per your pictures showed







Customer: Thank you. I see

And how about the size of this tube?

size of this tube.jpg

Diameter = 160 mm ?

The existing tube that I saw is Diameter =  160 mm 

RAMHOIST: yes, 160mm

(按照他们所说的35kg,一般情况下用120气管就行了,现在已经增加了一倍的吸力, 160的气管,吸力是65kg)