Scissor Lift to lift 1800kg with height 150cm

Keyword:   Time:2023-2-16 11:13:55

Customer: Do u have lifters like this

Scissor Lifts.jpg


RAMHOIST: detailed request

Customer: Need to lift 1800kg

Size of pallet 120x80cm

RAMHOIST: height


Can u quote me

RAMHOIST: pls check there is single phase or three phase power in your site, then what is the power?

do you make PIT?

1.5m height include equipment?

Customer: There are both phase power

380 and 220v

1.5m to lift the pallet from floor

RAMHOIST: is platform size 140*100cm OK for you?

Customer: Its recommended 120x80

                 But its ok for pricing

RAMHOIST: normally platform size bigger than pallet

                    need guard rail?

Customer: No

RAMHOIST: 2300 usd

Customer: Fob

RAMHOIST: 2700 usd