Inquiry about Hydraulic Lift 2000kg capacity from Bahrain

Keyword:Hydraulic Lift 2000kg   Time:2023-3-23 11:52:31

Hydraulic Lift

  • 发布日期:2023-02-01 15:00来自英文站

  • 失效日期:2023-04-30

  • 采购数量:2 Piece(s)

  • 需求来源国家/地区: Bahrain


2 numbers with 2000kg capacity


  • 买家公司名称:Escinexpress Lifts Wll

  • 联系人姓名:Mr.Times George

  • 国家\地区: Bahrain

  • 时区:(GMT+03:00) Moscow, Riyadh

  • 业务范围:Lifting Table


  • 偏好关键词:Lifting Table

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