Offer for Vacuum Tube Lifter with a 50 Kgs bag lifting capacity for Malaysia

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Inquiry about Wholesale Price 50kg Vacuum Bags and Bale Lifter for Sack
Wholesale Price 50kg Vacuum Bags and Bale Lifter for Sack
We are a Malaysian company producing refractory concrete materials packed into paper bags.
It is our intention to purchase a Vacuum Tube Lifter to reduce the work load on our worker.
Our present system operates as follows,
The bags arrive on a conveyor, the height of the bag from the floor is 800mm
The worker transfers the bag either 90* to his right or 90* to his left onto a pallet. The pallet is on top  of a Spring Activated Table which maintains the bag height from the floor at 700mm += 100mm. The distance between the two pallets is 1,000mm and the pallets are 1,100mm square.
Would you please quote CIF price Port Klang Malaysia for one unit of your Vacuum Tube Lifter with a 50 Kgs bag lifting capacity.
If you could supply a video of your machine in operation with your quotation it would be greatly appreciated.
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 Anthony Eccles




May I have photos of the paper bag? is it a kraft paper bag?

In addition, as far as I know, the workshop may be very dusty, so we must understand it clearly.

Customer: Dear Yang,

                     Good morning

Thank you for your Email.

I will ask someone to take a photo of our bag with dimensions and send it to you.

Regarding the dusty environment. The loading of the materials into the bag and stacking the bag onto the pallet are in separate buildings so I would say it is not dusty ( its difficult to eliminate all the dust in a Ceramic Factory ) where your machine will be working.

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Hi Tony,


Please find attached photos of 3 different sizes of bags of our finished goods.


White bag: 600*380*130 mm

Blue bag: 660*430*130 mm

Green bag: 840*430*130 mm


Should you require further info, please contact me.

Dear Yang,

These are the bags that we use.

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RAMHOIST: We suggest you use 35kg machine than 50kg, because we can offer you a single hand lifter, pls refer the videos below

The controller is single hand operation, can suck the bags from side, and it is very flexible and easy to control

Customer: Dear Yang,

                      Good afternoon

We agree with you suggestion please quote CIF price for this size of Lifter.

Unfortunately I was not able to down load your Youtube shots, but I will try again later.

Best regards 


RAMHOIST: do you need us to make jib crane for you or you made by yourself?

Customer: Dear Yang,

                      Good morning

Do you make a complete unit of the standard Vacuum Tube Lifter for 35 Kg capacity ?.


standard Vacuum Tube Lifter for 35 Kg capacity: 4000 USD/unit

Jib crane: 2300 USD/unit

Inland cost+warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee+sea freight+Insurance: 300 USD

So CIF price Port Klang Malaysia: 4000 + 2300 + 300 = 6600 USD