220623 - Request Quote Vacuum Lifter for SACKS (Snack Raw Material) ---> RUSH PLEASE

Keyword:Vacuum Lifter   Time:2023-6-22 17:43:10

Dear Sales,


We have requirement of your vacuum lifter. We’d like to request quote for this requirement, see below.


3 Units Vacuum Lifter

For 60kg to 70kg Capacity per sack/pack

Power Supply: 220V, 60Hz

Product: Flour mixture and sugar raw material in sack

Suction: standard rubber with option of heavy duty type (Please show us photo of this option heavy duty type)


Do include estimate packing size and weight on your quote so we can check shipping cost.

For 60kg to 70kg Capacity per sack or pack.png

RAMHOIST: 4100 USD/unit (without jib crane)

technical details: http://www.ramhoist.com/Lifting-Handling-Equipments2/1844.html

Packing size: 1200*850*800mm, G.W.: 125kg

Vacuum lifter For 60kg to 70kg Capacity per sack or pack.jpg

Customer: Hi Yang,


Thank you so much for your reply. Is your price in FOB China? Do you have option of heavy duty type suction rubber or gasket as the ordinary rubber easily worn out as per our end user.


For the JIB crane, can you also quote on this as option and include estimate packing size and weight please.


By the way, as your are new supplier to us, can we please request additional information about your company.


-      When is NANJING RAM Machinery started business?

-      Did you have customer already here in Philippines? If yes, can you give us name of your Philippines customer as our reference.


Also, we’ll be visiting China this coming month, would it be possible we can visit your factory?

RAMHOIST: Yes, FOB china

Previous attached cup is very strong and need nothing easy-worn part, so money saved for maintanence 

we started business in 2017.

we have some of customers in Philipenes, the most famous company is Dunlop, the customer used my machine for solid rubber bales lifting

another cusomer named SAl-Packing, who is resellers in Philipenes, I am not sure the end user name, they sold couple of machines in last year.

yes, welcome to visit our factory

Customer: Hi Yang,


How are you? Reference to this inquiry, we plan to purchase 1 unit first to be use as our demo and display machine on incoming exhibitions here at Manila on September.


Would it be possible you can give us special price for this since it will be our demo unit.


Thank you in advance.


attached PI,  we give your same price as 3 units.

Customer: Hi Yang,


Your quoted price last time is $4100, and now your quote now is still $4100. Im requesting if you can give us a demo price discount please as we will use it to display and demo on coming exhibition on September.


Thank you again.

RAMHOIST: in FOB term, For 1 pcs and 3 pcs, we pay almost same warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee, the previous offer is based on 3 pcs, now we still give your same price as 1 pc, means in fact, the price is lowered for you

Customer: Hi Yang,


Thanks for this, can you please indicate brand of parts use on this vacuum lifter. Like motor brand, vacuum brand, vacuum hose, material if stainless steel, etc.


Also can you provide details of your standard JB crane, what is material, is it painted? What is the height and length?


Can you also send us estimated packing size and weight so we will know how to ship it if order.


Thank you again.


Siemens vacuum blower

Masterflex GmbH Lifting tube

SUS304 suction pad special for sack

the controller is made by SUS304

A plastic vacuum filter of Commins Brand

vacuum feeding pipe brand VacuFlex, GmbH

Stand jib crane

Maximum loads: 125kg

Total height: 3600mm

Working height: 3000mm

Jib length: 3000mm

Jib model: 200*200 square carbon steel pipe

Sliding track: 6063T aluminum alloy, by profile dimensions 100*140mm

Rotation degree: 270°

Loading slid trolley: 1 piece

Cable connection slid trolley: 3 pieces


Vacuum lifter: Packing size: 1200*850*800mm, G.W.: 125kg

Stand jib crane: Packing size: 3800*600*800m, G.W.: 380kg

Customer: Hi Yan,


For the JB Crane, can you produce it in 5meters Long or 6m or 7m? or how much is your additional for every length that will be added to JB Crane that required by our customer?


JB CRANE Requirement:

Movement Desired: HORIZONTAL 5 meters

                                 ROTATION 90 DEGREES

                                 TURN 90 DEGREES

                                 SWIVEL 45 DEGREES

RAMHOIST: TURN 90 DEGREES SWIVEL 45 DEGREES, Pls clarify what is the functions?

the jib crane could be maximum 6M, the price is same on 5M and 6M, however, the 20'' container inner length is 5.9M, I think the better is make arm length 5.5M, the packing length could be within the limitation

Customer: Hi Yang,


Reference to your attach quote, we’d like to request if you can provide us drawing of your jib crane and the vacuum lifter as our customer want to check if it will fit on their available space.


Looking forward for your reply. Thank you!

RAMHOIST: attached drawing

Jib crane and vacuum lifter(悬臂吊-袋装).pdf

Low headroom Jib crane and vacuum lifter(低净空悬臂吊+袋装).pdf

there are two kinds of jib crane in the drawing for you choose, the jib length can be customized to 5.5m, the length in drawing is standard length, except jib length, other parameters are same.

Customer: Hi Yang,


Thanks for this drawing, for this customer’s requirement, we will use standard jib crane length of 3m only. But how about the height of JIB crane, this is standard also as per your drawing sent to us?

Customer: Hi Yang,


Also our customer has very tight budget, can you still extend us discount please. Else their budget will be forfeited if they will not use it to buy this.


Can you extend it to $3500 please?


We want to get initial order from them since they plan to have 3 units but they will try this first.

RAMHOIST: yes, height of jib crane is 3820mm

the best we can give you is 3950 USD, as you know, we pay almost same warehouse+clearance delaration fee+handle fee+document fee for 1 piece and 3 piece.

hope you can understand, thanks

Customer: Hi Yang,


Are you back now in office? Thank you again for extending discount on this inquiry. We able to get our first order for this vacuum lifter.


See attach and confirm receipt.


We request also photos of finish lifter and testing video before you pack and ship this to make sure its good and working okay when we receive it here.


Send also your PI complete with your bank details for 30% downpayment process.


Thank you!

RAMHOIST: thanks and just backed in office

attached PI.

we will send you photos of finish lifter and testing video before you pack