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220V/50HZ 110V/50HZ

Display Type:




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Power Supply:

AC 110V/220V (AC±10%)

Display Type:


Product Name:

Pallet truck scales

Weighing capacity:



LED/LCD 6 digits, 7 function keys on/off key

Power supply:

110-260VAC, 50-60Hz. With re-chargeable battery

Optional color:

Red/ Yellow/ Blue/Black

Own weight:



3000e, 6000d,10000d

Steering wheels:


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Each of our weighing scale pallet trucks comes with an array of functions, even in the basic version, not merely with regard to the scale intervals that make efficient weighing possible

These functions are guaranteed not only under optimum operating conditions but also when weighing at an angle. This is done by tilt sensors, which deliver precise measurement results. Regardless of whether you are weighing on an uneven surface or on an inclined ramp - our scales always give you reliable results.

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Our pallet truck scales are available to buy online with nationwide delivery. They provide a simple and fast solution for weighing your goods whilst also performing as a pallet truck.

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These Pallet Trucks have weight scales built onto the head of a completely standard hand pallet truck. 

The pallet truck scales are available with a measuring range of 600 kg to a maximum of 2,500 kg. The pallet truck scale provides a practical method of weighing all your goods on pallets and transporting them, just as on a conventional lifting truck. The electronic display is mounted on the device.

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This pallet jack with scale lets you weigh pallets and containers during transport, keeping you on the move.

A pallet jack scale is a digital scale operated with batteries that can be quickly moved from pallet to pallet collect weights for shipping and quality assurance. 

Weigh-and-go manual pallet jacks have built-in scales for weighing loads that are placed on the pallet jacks' forks. Also known as scale jacks, weigh-and-go pallet jacks save time by allowing loads to be moved

Our pallet truck scales are available to buy online with nationwide delivery. They provide a simple and fast solution for weighing your goods whilst also performing as a pallet truck.

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The pallet jack scale can help you move and weighing palletized loads all in one operation, which is remarkable speeds up your working efficiency and less the operators’ burn.

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The scale of the pallet jack is digitalized with a weighing indicator that displays on and off and KG/lbs. on its screen. The scale is easy to read and is displayed on a 5 digit LCD screen. This makes it hard to manipulate the readings in the event of evading weight charges. 

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The hand pallet truck or jack, is a warehouse staple that is dependable, efficient and cost powerful.

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