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forklift truck scale


1ton 2ton 3ton

Scale Type::

truck scale

Accuracy class:

Class III


12 Months




PU wheel


Customized Color

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pallet truck weighing scale

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Product name:

hand pallet truck weighing scale

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 Pallet truck scale, with built-in electronic weighing, fitted with forks 680mm width, which making it ideal for the handling of pallets in the Food & Chemical Industry Sector.

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The weighing scales pallet truck is perfect for assessing pallet weight before distribution. This pallet truck will help you run your business better by avoiding miscalculated weight cost and export duty fees

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A pallet truck with scale offers a 2 in one solution, weighing and moving the cargo at the same time. This operation saves time and improves efficiency. It allows you to weigh the cargo you want, where you want. 

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It is a mobile scale with a weight range up to 2,000 kg. You can weight and transport your merchandise during the load in the ramp or in the truck. It is no longer necessary to bring the load to a verified scale,

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A weighing scale pallet jack is a unique type of pallet jack because it displays the weight of the load being moved. At other times, a printer can be attached to the pallet jack to print weight and other specifications. This feature shows efficiency especially since the operator is able to monitor and keep track of the pallet’s weight from time to time

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Pallet truck scales are used for speeding up the manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes, and are ideal weighing machines for busy warehouses and factory environments where space is minimal. Pallet truck scales are built-to-last and provide even weight distribution. It is common to store multiple pallets on racks

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Pallet truck scales are an industrial type of scale with the capacity to carry a large load and a significant weight. They have two key functions: carrying large weights and weighing the load placed on them while on the go.

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