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Hydraulic manual pallet truck


2.Competitive price with high quality

Type: stainless steel Pallet scale

We are manufacture of material handling equipment for many years.

1.Color:  as customer's requirement

2.Roller wheel: nylon, PU, rubber

3.Handle: rubber coated or not.

4.Tandem loading wheel or single.

Rated Loading Capacity:


Max. Lifting Height:


Min. Lifting Height:


Fork Length:


Fork Width:


Overall Dimensions:





Manual Pallet Truck




wooden Box



Packaging Details

one wooden box can fit two pallet scale


Shanghai port

Lead Time:

20 days

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Min. Lifting Height:


Fork Length:


Fork Width:


Overall Dimensions:


Warranty of core components:

1.5 years

Weight (KG):

130 kg

Product Name:

Scale Pallet Truck

Load Capacity:


Steering Wheels Size:


Fork Rollers Size:


Supply Ability

500 Piece/Pieces per Month

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316L Stainless Steel Scale Pallet Truck/ Mobile Weighing Truck
▲ High accuracy with fixed load cell mounting.
▲ High level of water and humidity resistance.
▲ Long term reliability from a single circuit board with any extra connectors.
▲ Lower power consumption, auto shut off: 4AA batteries can last up to one year when weighing 10 pallets per day.
▲ Summation of weights with sequence number. Auto tare.
▲ Accuracy 0.1% of the weight applied to the scale. 1kg graduation.
▲ Plus model for 0.5kg graduation is available for special order.
▲ Optional thermal printer integrated with the housing.
▲ Small and compact electronics specially developed for mobile weighing.
▲ Robust housing protects against impact and vibration.

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  • It’s used in weighing your recyclables, such as cardboard waste.

  • Scrap metal weights can also be measured easily.

  • I will provide you the result of how much the bale is worth when selling it to any paper mill.

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale for a reliable, accurate, and washdown-ready weighing solution that meets the requirements of industries needing a high-performance, IP67/IP68 compliant pallet truck scale. This innovative weighing solution is perfect for a wide range of applications and environments, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations while providing the durability and reliability needed in harsh conditions.

These scales have high flexibility, as it has a large arc which makes it easy to use. The digital scale displays the result of the measured weight of loaded pallets on a pallet truck. Using this will reduce your weighing time, with an increase in productivity.

 This scale is made of stainless steel material. The material will help to prevent the product from getting affected by any kind of outside environmental changes.

The Pallet Truck Scale is constructed entirely from stainless steel, making it ideal for washdown applications and ensuring its resistance to corrosion, rust, and other damage caused by exposure to water and chemicals. This robust construction guarantees the scale's long-lasting performance and reliability in harsh environments.

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Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Pallet Truck Scale is easy to operate and manoeuvre, simplifying the weighing process and reducing the potential for errors. The ergonomic design allows for comfortable use, improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

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In this Covid environment which we now live and work in, it is of the up-most importance to robustly clean all equipment after use. This  product has been manufactured and tested to withstand high pressure  cleaning and disinfection resulting in a safe Covid free surface which all industries now crave to protect both staff and product.

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By transporting and weighing at the same time you immediately know the weight of every pallet lifted. It's no longer necessary to drive back and forth to a fixed floor scale with the pallet or container, so you save time and manpower.

Stainless steel pallet truck scale, ideal for damp and humid environments. This tough, wipedown scale has a 2000kg capacity and is accurate to the nearest 500g