Mobile ramp from Uzbekistan

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TO: “Nanjing Ram Machinery Co.,ltd” China


Dear Sir,

My name is Otabek Kimsanov. I work in U******* Uzbekistan company in Indirect Purchasing department. I’m sending you  enquiry for Mobile ramp technical information in attached.

Please check our enquiry and send us quote as soon as possible.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Hope your cooperation.


Description of goods


Detailed technical and technological description (configuration) of the product

Grating made of twisted rods, galvanized 30-3/6 mm;

Side Construction 240 NPI Bottom Cushion 80/100 NPI Protective Cover 50x50x3;

Front opening doors are made of 10 mm thick alloy steel, resistant to bending Load capacity: Forklift + load = 8000 kg;

Possibility of movement thanks to 2 wheels with skids behind the ramp and

2 steering wheels in front. (towed)

Height adjustment mechanical with gear jack - Strip reflector on the side, rectangular reflector on the rear

Length - 11800 mm, Width - 2090 mm, height - 1150-1600 mm

Purpose (place of use) of the product

For unloading goods in warehouses



Customer: We will check your quotation.

Thank you

Customer: Hello !


What type of delivery will it be?

RAMHOIST: it can be delivered by sea or truck.

the price is Ex-works

Customer: Hello!


Our customer has the following additional requirements for the mobile ramp:

  1. The mobile ramp must be towed or must have a part for towing the photo is attached.


Without extra hoses


2. There should be a lift at the back of the balloon to raise and lower the ramp. To create a slope,  video is attached. (


We ask you to update your quote according to above requirements.

RAMHOIST: attached our hole, pls check is ok?

our hole.jpg