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The CRA series cargo trolley is a kind of carrying tool. Smooth movement and 360 degree rotation improves work efficiency and safety.The wheels roll smoothly and easily. The rollers on each one make it easy to turn the mover with a load on it. The skates allow you to easily move the machine into position to be required.


Cargo trolley: Specification:
1, Loading weight: 6T, 8T, 12T, 15T, 18T, 24T, 32T, 40T

2, Wheel: Rubber wheel, PU wheel and steel wheel; 4-25 wheels

3, Color: red or customed 

4, Model: CRA; CRD, X+Y, CRM Cargo trolley Moving Skate







180 Degree Moving Trolley Cargo Trolley Small Tank

The disc can be rotated 360 degrees, which is convenient to adjust the direction. The threaded design enhances the friction force,

so that the cargo is tightly connected with the moving skates trolley.

The tie rods are welded with hardened bearings, which are durable and not easy to break.

Thickened base, strong bearing capacity, thickened compression and wear resistance.

Wheels are shock-absorbing and wear-resistant.

PU wheels and steel wheels are available.



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Heavy Duty Machine Dolly Roller Cargo Trolley Industrial In Stock Main            

1.heavy cargo dolly features with a swivel top.

2.When you have heavy equipment such as machinery to move, good quality moving skates can make the job that much easier, helping to keep productivity levels up and frustration levels down.

3.heavy duty cargo skates can be used when ever heavy objects need to be moved, to make the movement easier.

4.They use sealed ball bearing to spread the load and to ensure ease of movement. 

5. The load can be lifted using either a jack or crowbar, allowing the skates to be easily positioned.

6.The platforms of the skates are fitted with a rubber surface, which helps provide grip, stability and protection to the object being moved.      

Moving skates is a kind of handling equipment that can replace roller as a handling tool. The use of large equipment, long-distance equipment, with crowbar or claw jacks, for the movement of heavy cargo, can save a lot of manpower and time.


Products advantage


Industry Transport Trolley For Heavy Duty Loads Moving Heavy Machine Cargo Trolley

1, Roller skids is go straight machine skate,which just can go straight and have aturntable above it. On the turntable there are many screwed hole, via this hole can fixed with theequipment which you want to move.
2, This kind of cargo trolley structure is simple, easy to handle and safely. roller skids can combined with veered roller skids. Then moving cargos with rotating transport.
3, Make handling easier and more convenient:
4, 360 degree threaded rotating disc, The disc can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to adjust the direction, Make handling more flexible
5, Hardened, durable, firm and reliable
6,Alloy steel wheels, stable wheels, low friction resistance, wear-resisting pressure, little damage to the floor
7, Rubber wheels, have a certain shock absorption effect, good grip, wear-resistant and not easy to slip, long life and strong stability
8, Paint anti-rust, overall surface paint treatment, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, prolong service life
9, Seamlessly welded tie rods, hardened bearing links, no need to worry about fracture, safe and reliable, strong and durable