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Drywall Trolley is ideal for transporting many boards from doors, fences, drywall & large sheet panels within the factory and on building sites.

If you are working in construction or performing a large-scale renovation, you will need to transport a large amount of drywall. Though drywall can be carried by hand, this method is inefficient and greatly increases the risk of accidents or injury. If you need to transport a large amount of drywall for your project, look no further than a durable and efficient drywall cart (Drywall Trolley). 

A drywall cart is a wheeled platform that can securely hold and transport several pieces of drywall at the same time. They utilize an angled platform and a lip and the edge of the deck to keep drywall and other objects from slipping during transportation. In addition to drywall, a drywall cart can be used to carry plywood, panes of glass, and other large flat materials. 

They can also be used to transport heavy tools and other equipment across the job site, reducing operator strain. This makes them a great choice for any construction site or large-scale renovation project.

The Residential Drywall Cart is an overall smaller cart size for easy mobility and convenient storage.  Although smaller, this cart matches the toughness and durability of our larger drywall cart models.  This cart is ideal for moving drywall, sheetrock, paneling, Masonite, and wallboard.

unitized tubular steel frame construction, capacities up to 3,000 lbs., electrostatic epoxy powder coating, and a choice of caster configurations and wheel materials to match your needs. Heavy Duty Nut and Bolt Caster Installation makes for easy caster replacement -- you'll enjoy years of additional cart use with this relacement feature.    

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High-capacity cart ideal for hauling heavy weight materials such as wood, drywall and glass. The platform is angled and lipped to prevent materials from slipping.

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All the great features of our standard drywall cart with the added protection of a tubular steel bumper frame surrounds the perimeter to protect doorways and walls.

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Heavy Duty 4 Wheeled Plasterboard Trolley Drywall Cart Sheetrock Panel Boards Carrier



Bear Loads


Wheel : 

front solid wheel and rear caster wheel


Regular single shipping Box

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* Heavy duty sheet material cart with 4 large wheels

* Strong and robust made from thick steel

* Holds up to 1000kg / 2000lb of evenly distributed weight

* Dimensions: 119cm (handle height) x 50cm (depth) x 128cm (width)

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Quick Details

Dimension (L x W x H):


Model Number:



25mm diameter



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Designed to transport sheet materials between jobs, Move Sheetrock, drywall, panel ling, plywood or MDF with this heavy duty trolley which can hold up to 1000kg / 2000lb, to save you time and energy on the job.

Professional Drywall Utility Cart Plywood Dolly Wall Panel Trolley Board Sheet rock, Max Load 3,000LB

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Drywall Sheet Cart - Plywood Panel Dolly Built For Professionals - This industrial-grade cart is constructed from high-capacity steel and has a genuine rated working load of just about 1,800 pounds; this will compare to carts with "maximum loads" of nearly 3,000 pounds

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Maneuverable - Cart is supported by pro-grade, non-marring, 8" casters that roll smoothly even under heavy loads; it features a tight-turning radius with two swivel casters, as well as a wheel brake for safety

Easy to Load - A large, 12"-deep deck is open for quick loading; it is also angled so sheets won't tip and its beveled edges won't scuff your material

Sturdy - Heavy-duty cart is strong and won't rock or wobble when loaded.

Intelligent Design - A rounded safety bar surrounds the perimeter of the cart and will help protect your legs and prevent damage to walls and boards; ergonomic handle is easy on the hands. Minor Assembly - Easy to put together and also break down for storage; just remove the handle

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Quick Details



Product name:

Drywall Cart


Heavy Duty Mover Trolley






Metal Tool Cart

Load Capacity:




Wheel type:

Solid Caster Wheel

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

1 set / carton

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To ensure that you are choosing the right drywall cart, you will need to consider the following:
The size and weight of the materials you need to carry.
Any space restrictions or sharp corners. Smaller carts may be needed for extremely narrow spaces while larger carts can be used for open facilities.
The amount of drywall, plywood, or panes of glass that need to be transported per day.

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Choose a purpose-designed and reliable plasterboard trolley for sale to handle materials safely and efficiently.

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This large panel board dry wall trolley (also known as a board trolley or plasterboard trolley) is perfect for transporting difficult-to-carry panels up to 500kg such as wallboards, MDF sheets, plasterboard and much more. It is taller than our standard panel trolley and is designed to carry larger panels with minimal effort.

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We created this large board trolley for use in multiple settings such as building sites, warehouses and factories, as well as for DIY use.