Inquiry for chain from Romania

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Please send us your price offer, technical data sheet or drawing from the manufacturer, the delivery term, the payment conditions and the validity of the offer for:
Mining chain 18 x64 = 10 tons
                       26x92=5 tons
                       connecting rod 18x64 = 2500 pieces
                       connecting rod 26x92= 200 pieces

At the same time, please provide us with a certificate attesting that the offered products can be used underground in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Features of the mining chain:
Dimensions d x d = 18 x 64
Quality class 2
Deformation test load KN =330
Breaking load (min KN)=410
Mass per unit length (Kg/m) = 6.6
Finished bead material diameter - nominal 18mm, tolerances +-0.5
Pitch p -Nominal 64, tolerances +-0.6 mm
Width: Inside a=21 mm; b outside=60 mm;
Elongation to max. test force. 1.6%
Elongation at break min. 14%
1 piece = 15 links protected against corrosion by lubrication.

Marking is done on each section of 15 links according to DIN 22252-93 by perforating the middle link on the opposite side of the weld with the following information:
- the manufacturer's logo
- Quality class- C(2)
- Month of production in Arabic numerals
- Year of production in Arabic numerals
Anti-corrosion protection by lubrication
Upon delivery, the products will be accompanied by a quality certificate.

Thank you and we are waiting for your price offer!

矿用链条         18 x64 = 10吨

                        26x92 = 5吨

                        连接杆18x64 = 2500件

                        连接杆26x92 = 200件



尺寸d x d = 18 x 64


变形测试负载kn = 330

破断负载(最少 kn)= 410

单位长度质量(kg/m)= 6.6

成品珠材料直径 - 名义18mm,公差 +-0.5

Pitch P -NOMINAL 64,公差 +-0.6 mm

宽度:内部= 21毫米; B外部= 60毫米;

伸长到最大。 测试力。 1.6%

休息时伸长。 14%

1件= 15个环 通过润滑保护免于腐蚀。

根据DIN 22252-93在15个链接的每个部分中进行标记,并通过以下信息在焊缝另一侧穿孔中间链接:

 - 制造商的徽标

 - 质量类-C(2)

 - 阿拉伯数字生产月份

 - 阿拉伯数字生产年份




Mining chain 18 x64 = 10 tons                                          8 us $
                       26x92=5 tons                                          38 us $
                       connecting rod 18x64 = 2500 pieces          3.9 us $
                       connecting rod 26x92= 200 pieces             9.5 us $