Professional 10t Steel Base Welding Type Hydraulic Mechanical Bottle Jack

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Product Description of Hydraulic Bottle Jack

1. It is easy to lift the auto for repairing

 2. It is widely used in automotive, Industrial, agricultural and so on.

 3. All models are equipped with three piece handles.

 4. It Meets ANSI/ASME PALD & CE/GS standards

Please estimate the weight of the load before operating, overload the jack beyond its rated load is forbidden.

Select point of action according to the gravitational center, place the jack on the hard ground if necessary, place a hard plank under the jack to avoid tottering or falling during operation.

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   Hydraulic Bottle Jack

   1.Capacity:2 Ton --100 Ton

   2.Lifting Height: 80mm -- 450mm

   3.Net Weight: 2.1KG -- 70.5KG

Hydraulic Bottle Jack, is a kind of new type pneumatic hydraulic lifting equipment combined by liquid pressurization and telescopic hydraulic cylinder. hydraulic jack has the advantages of light weight, small volume, easy operation, labor saving, time saving, large capacity etc. It is widely used to repair car, tractor etc.
   1.Compact Structure

   2.Reliable and Portable

   3.Easy Operation and Repair

   4.Durable for Strenuous Use

   5.Maximum load is 100 Tonners.

   6.Two piece of solid steel lifting handle.

   7.Lift up to 500 mm, Total height. (Approximate).

   8.Self Locking Ratchet

   9.High Grade Powder Coating

   10.CE,TUV,GS approved.

   11.Color of jack may Vary

   12.Ideal for Automotive, Truck, Farm, Industrial and Construction work.

Detailed images

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 1. Professional technical team focus on developing and quality assurance for Hydraulic Bottle Jack

 2. Strict quality inspection done before shipment.

 3. Hydraulic Bottle Jack warranty is 1 year.

 4. With years' experience, we have superior product line.

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