Auto Repair Tool 2 Ton Screw Hydraulic Car Low Lift Bottle Jack

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Feature of Hydraulic bottle jack

 1. It is made of high quality-controlled material

 2. There is no leaking problem within safe load

 3. With good price even in competitive and low level market

 4. We accept OEM

Introduction of Hydraulic bottle jack

 1. Compact, small size, light weight, easy to carry

 2. The jack is based on the hydraulic principle.

 3. If used as automobiles, tractors and other vehicle tools are particularly appropriate.

 4. It is widely used in liquid lifting effect

 5. Using a temperature of -20 ° C ~ +45 ° C

 6. This hydraulic jack is only suitable for upright use, which can not use the side-mounted or backward.

 7. It can not be used for acid and corrosive gases.

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 Usage of Hydraulic bottle jack

 1. The handle insertion hole hand press down pushed the piston rod that is steadily rising roof lifting objects, as the jack inside the limited digital device, so the top is no longer up to a certain height.

 2. The piston down pre, simply slotted end of the oil return handle counterclockwise slightly unscrew the valve stem, the piston rod is gradually decreased. If the load is not too fast rotating valve stem oil return, otherwise the rate of decline over generals dangerous.

 3. Lifting the handle before the first set into the slotted end of the stem back to the oil and oil return valve stem clockwise tighten.

 4. Must estimate the weight of the object before lifting, avoid overload use.

 5. Must be used to determine center of gravity, select jack focal point, place a smooth, but also must consider the hardness of the ground, must be tough wood should pad to prevent distortion generated when lifting or dumping.

 6. If several jacks with lifting speed should be kept synchronized, and each jack load should also be balanced, otherwise it will produce the danger of toppling.

 7. Heavy top up, they shall be in proper position under the weight pad to the tough wood (or other material or jack stands) support, just in case the jack failed and dangerous.

 8. Should be used to avoid a sharp shock.

 9. The jack at -5 ° C ~ +45 ° C using (SH/T0360-1992) 13 machine oil. At -20 ° C ~  -5 ° C to use, the use of (SH/T0111-1992) synthetic spindle oil. Jack must maintain sufficient working oil through a filter cleaning or will be less than the rated lifting height


 1. Before operating the device, customers should read comprehension instruction manual in its entirety.

 2. Only the hard supporting surface before use.

 3. Only the top up, can not be supported by tools.

 4. Non-overloading operation.

 5. You can not just jack lifting objects work.

 6. Don't comply with the above safety warning may result in personal injury or property damage.


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Outstand Service
We provide not only amazing hydraulic jack, but also special ones designed at requests. We'll do our best to meet the need of customers.

Packaging and delivery detail
Cartons or wooden cases, on pallets, and we can also make the packing according to your request.

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