2019 High Altitude 14m-16m Hydraulic Mobile Towable Boom Lift Platform

Keyword:Articulating Boom Lifts   Time:2019-4-20 18:09:37

Product Description

SJZ-6 self-propelled articulated boom lift for the use of indoor and outdoor aerial work. Have to go. since the leg. the operation is simple. easy to use, operation, especially across certain barriers or in a lift for the character istics of the aerial work, more widely used in highway, wharf, shopping malls, sports venues, residential property, factories workshop a wide range of operations

Major Features

Painting lift platform hydraulic boom lift for painting

 1 360 degree turning around

 2.Stride across barriers to work

 3.Work efficient


It is widely used at the station, wharf, supermarket, stadium, workshops and so on for repair lights, manicured gardens, replace shop lights at the top, high altitude cleaning.