Plasterboard Hoisting Machine Board Lifting Tool 11' Hand Lifter Hoist Drywall Panel Lift

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 The drywall lift is combined with 11ft drywall lift DL-11 and 16ft extention pole DL-P1
 To equip with drywall lift DL-11, Drywall panels up to 16ft,
 Allows one person to handle and apply multiple
 Easy to assemble and disassemble no tools required

Detailed Description
 1 Person operation
 150 lbs load limit
 Sturdy welded steel construction
 4" or 5"caster wheels for easy rolling
 Built-in winch with brake
 Hoist tilting for ceilings and walls
 Single sheet capacity: 4ft x 16ft
 Horizontal ceilings min: 4ft
 Horizontal ceilings max reach: 11ft, angled ceiling Up to 16ft
 Optional extension bar lift drywall up to 16ft Max (which determined by 11ft maximum lift and 1/2 the length of drywall)


Detailed images

 1) Easy to assemble and disassemble without any tool
 2) Hoist with tilting action
 3) Add an extension bar to hold the drywall to 16ft. (Sold Separately)
 4) 150 pound load capacity

  1. Apply drywall panels up to 4ft.x 16ft.

  2. One person can handle easily


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