Automatic Unlock 4 Post/Column Hydraulic Car Vehicle Lift for Home Garage

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Product Description of of Four Post Car Lifts

  • Collocating the imported driving power unit, reliable performance, ascending or descending steady, low noise; durable life-span;

  • With lateral-sliding devices at the rear and the slots at the front; fulfilling the function of 4-wheel-alignment;

  • Having 3 safety protections: Broken-rope-locking device, Mechanical hooks and Hydraulic pressure locking automatically;

  • Mechanical hooks locked by pneumatic device; Capable to normal repairing jobs

  • The crossing boards & the posts formed & molded as a whole at a time; Good rigidity;

  • With the secondary lift; power coated, controlled by main hydraulic pump.

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 Features of Four Post Car Lifts:

  • Single point manual lock release.

  • Width between two platforms is adjustable to be fit for different vehicle.

  • Mechanical safety lock installed in each column.

  • Front and rear stop plate well protect the vehicle during reparing.

  • Center rolling jack as optional.

  • 24V control system as optional for CE standard


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Technique requirement for Four Post Car Lifts:

  1. This foundation needs to be built in a secondary grouting. And if only grouting one time, it should be ensured the size for embeding the anchor bolts; the foundation should be strengthened by reinforcing steel bars.

  2. The foundation must be level enough. Level error should not be larger than 5mm.

  3. If the thickness of ground concrete is thicker than 150mm and the ground strength and the level reach the requirement, expanded bolting could be used to fix.

  4. Ensure the clearance and the vertical degree between the post and the girder meet the requirement.

  5. Ensure the level degree of the bridge board meet the requirement.

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