Heavy Duty Metal Lifting Electromagnet Magnetic Lifter for Crane or Excavator

Keyword:Lifting Electromagnets   Time:2019-4-22 21:14:37

Product Description

Lifting electromagnets (magnetic washers M-22 KK, M-42 KK, M-62 KK)

Lifting electromagnet (electromagnetic washer) is designed for lifting and moving metal-roll and metal-containing materials. As a rule, electromagnets are used on cranes of various types: bridge, gantry, portal, self-propelled. Electromagnets are widely used for handling sheet metal, slabs, ingots, metal ingots and shot, scrap metal, ferromagnetic materials. Lifting electromagnets of various modifications are used at metallurgical plants, ferroalloy plants, ports and terminals, ship repair and shipbuilding plants, practical in all branches of engineering.

Electromagnetic washers are made in different sizes and various shapes: round, rectangular and saddle-shaped, it is possible to manufacture custom-made magnets.

The most common electromagnets are as close as possible to the size and magnetisation force of the "Old type" magnetic washers M-22B, M-42B and M-62B and rectangular electromagnets PM-15, PM-25A. Selection tables for modern analogs of electromagnets produced by RAMHOIST factory are given below.