Pml2000kg Strong Power Steel Plate/pipe Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Keyword:Permanent Magnetic Lifters   Time:2019-4-24 0:30:50

 Permanent Magnet Lifter has strong magnetic field path produced by NdFeB Magnetic materials "On" and "Off" of the magnetic path is controlled by turning the lever manually. There are shackles on the top of Magnetic Lifter for lifting. 
 Operating Instructions

  • The work piece surface (magnetic ferrous surface) and magnet pole surface must be clean and smooth to achieve maximum efficiency. Ground and machined surface are ideal but a good clean surface on a ferrous or casting is acceptable provided a sufficiently flat area available for good magnetic contract with the work piece

  • There should be no air gap / inclusions between the magnet pole and the job surface

  • Place the magnet on the ferrous surface. Unlock the lever by pulling it out and then turn it to the "ON" position. Once it is made "ON", lock it by releasing it. For making it "OFF", please follow the similar procedure. (Do not place on wooden surface or non-magnetic surface - it will not be possible to operate Lever to "ON" position)

  • Move the load smoothly, avoid shocks and collisions

  • To place / drop the lifted material, operate the lever to the "OFF" position

When not in use:

  • Apply Grease / Oil on Magnetic Poles surface to prevent it from rusting

  • Place it on thick wooden plank to safeguard its Magnetic poles from any damages, scratches etc