500kg 1000kg 1 2 3 Ton Steel Plate Electro Magnet Lifting Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Holder

Keyword:Permanent Magnetic Lifters   Time:2019-4-24 0:34:45

Permanent magnetic lifter made in china supplied by RAMHOIST, with high quality and reasonable price:

  • Material: NdFeB Magnet, Neodymium Magnet, Permanent Magnet, Rare-earth Magnet

  • Lifting weight:100kg,300kg,500kg,1000kg,2000kg,3000kg

  • Pulling-out force:3 times,3.5 times

  • Widely used in machining, mould producing industry.

  • Permanent magnetic lifter using high-performance permanent magnetic materials, Strong in magnetic suction, patent circuit design, remanence almost zero.

  • High safety factor, maximal breakway force is 3.5 times rated lifting power.

  • Handle switches with safety twist, easy for Single-hand operation, more safety and convenience.

  • V style design at the bottom of lifter,can lift opposite round steel or steel board.

  • 1 ton lifting magnet permanent magnetic lifter without electricity, magnetic lasting popularity, more safety on using, besides, it can be operated at open country.


  • Flat surface lifting capacity of 100kgs

  • Cylindrical surface lifting capacity of 50kgs

  • Does not need Electrical Energy

  • Forged hook for high mechanical strength and durability

  • Precision machined Assembly block in single piece to enhance efficiency

  • 3.5 times factor of safety to meet the safety standards as per international standards for under the hook devices

  • Test certificate for safety factor from government approved third party

  • No Maintenance and Operating cost

  • No damage to the work piece being lifted

  • Very Compact


  • More effective use of available floor space. Eliminates gauging and increasing stacking height

  • Only one operator can move large and heavy work piece safely and easily

  • Labour saving, time saving - improving productivity

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