5000kg Permanent Magnetic Plate Sheet Metal Lifter/NdFeB Magnet Lifter

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Product Introduction

Permanent Magnetic Lifter has strong magnetic path produced by NdFeB magnet. On and off magnetic path is controlled by turning the manual handle. The lifters have the features of strong attraction, smaller volume, lighter weight, powerful lifting effort, easy and safe to operate, long-period effort and without power supply. They are been used to lift and transport the steel and iron for factories, docks, ware houses, and so on.

Product Features

 1. Nd-Fe-B Magnet as core component, smaller size, stronger lifting force and lasting magnetic force.

 2. High safety factor up to 3.5 times pulling-out force than rated lifting.

 3. V style design at the bottom of lifter, can lift opposite round steel or steel board.

 4. Easy to use and free to power.

 5. Optimized magnetic circuit design makes residual magnetism almost zero.

 6. Professional appearance design makes product more attractive.

 7. Magnet lifter material: NdFeB Magnet, Neodymium Magnet, Permanent Magnet, Rare-earth Magnet.

 8. Lifting weight:100kg,400kg,600kg,1000kg,1500kg, 2000kg,3000kg, 4000kg and 5000kg.

 9. Pulling-out force:3 times,3.5 times.

Product Name

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Magnet Material

Neodymium Magnet

Rated Pull Force


Max Pull Force





Wooden Box




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