Electric Hydraulic Dumb Waiter Restaurant/Kitchen Food Lift

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Door system adopts modular design, so the installation and change of parts are much easier. Door  pully and ward off rope device are distinctive design that prevent the door rope fall off. Door ropes are all hided in the door rails, prevent the door ropes from being bumped then the dumbwaiter is inspected or has emergency. Smooth surface of car door is toward the car inside, which ensures the car door can not scrape goods in the cabin when opening and closing. we have table type, floor type, two panels upside sliding, vertical bi-parting, and hinged doors for your choice.

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Detailed Description
 1.Dumbwaiter elevator motor used domestic brands of manufacturers so that the elevator running more safe and reliable
 2.The sliding door way use special profile aluminum ally that makes landing door and car door open more freely
 3.The frame mode as a milling groove shape which can be adjusted that easier for installation
 4.The landing door way use straight opening, rotation opening, folding opening and other ways which is more convenient for the user's civil construction and the use of the unit
 5.Door opening direction including one way door, through door, right angle door, which increase the utility of the elevator
 6.The control system use PLC computer, microcomputer, frequency control
 Detailed images

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 Gearless Traction Machine Customized Elevator, Nanjing Ram Machinery Co. ltd's dumbwaiter elevator 450kg Passenger Small Home Elevator Lifts With Good Price
 Control Cabinet
 Intelligent control, guarantee stable and comfortable running.
 By introducing the European energy-saving and environment-friendly idea into China, it takes the lead in the development of elevators.
 Door Machine
 High efficiency permanent magnet frequency door machine.

   1.Adopting national famous contactor and relays, ensure reliability

   2.Variable frequency control

  3. The failure rate is 50% lower than the peer average, safer and more durable

  4. Compacted structure, low running noise

  5. S-shaped multi-speed curve, curve setting makes independent debugging available Customization we have our own R&D team for any style of elevator you want.


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  Packaging and Shipping

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Our Service
 We provide lifetime warranty Within one year after the date of B/L. if the parts is broken because of the quality, we will change parts freely After one year, if the parts is broken or you need change small parts, we will send parts and charge low cost price.

  1. Professional solutions and suggestions 24th service for you

  2. Introduce the feature of products Resolving customer problems

  3. Contact goods agent Accept goods check after the goods arrival

  4. Pay under the contract agreement

  5. We provide user manual and operation video, if you  still not clear, we will ask worker to operation factory and take video and photos for you until you know how to use the machine.