Double column aluminum alloy vertical lift hoist elevating platform for sale

Keyword:Double column aluminum alloy lift platform   Time:2019-5-3 16:45:19

Product Description

Double-Column Theatre use Man Lift Elevator for sale

1. CE marked

2. Suitable for 1 or 2 persons

3. Best performance with good after-sales service

4. Easy move and operation

This Double-Column Theatre use Man Lift Elevator has the following features:

1. Stable lifting: Adopts seamless transmission between the lifting masts, which reduce swaying.

2. High quality material: Use high-strength aluminum alloy. It's light, easy and convenient to move. This kind of aluminum material usually used for aircraft manufacture.

3. Safety and reliability: There are two leveling stabilizers; One is the height-adjusting bolts for leveling. The other is the outriggers for preventing inclination. The bolts are rigidly fixed directly on the chassis. And the outriggers enlarge the anti-inclination base support area. Hydraulic and electrical system with an emergency lowering device enable workers to lower the platform slowly to ground if power failure.

4. Convenience: As the lifting masts are made of aluminum, it is light and compact. It's easy to move and pass through narrow passages.

It is CE certified products which suitable for 1- 2 persons to work and suitable to be used in indoor house. If need to use outside, please ensure no wind outside.