STONE VACUUM LIFTER - suction cup- vacuum lifter stone and glass

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Vacuum cup glass handling equipment stone lifter for stone slabs
 The vacuum glass lifter clamp device can be combined and operated with many different carrier facilities, such as crane, excavatos, wheel loaders, forklifts etc.

 1) Glass sheet
 2) Steel boards
 3) FRP boards
 4) Aluminum boards
 5) Plastic boards
 6) Stone slabs
 7) Wood panel
 8) Laminated Chipboards


Vacuum cup glass handling equipment stone lifter for stone slabs




Suction cup size (mm)


Single suction cup load Capacity (kg)


Rotation function

360 degree manual rotation, special labor-saving device, safe and reliable, easy to operate

Flip function

90 degree manual flip, user-friendly design, automatic balance, quick and labor-saving


DC12V (Double built-in batteries design provide long service time)

Self weight (kg)




Suction cup frame size (L*W*H) M




Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) M




Extension rod M


Control System

Remote control of inhalation and deflation


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 1) Assemble the high quality Vacuum power unit
 2) Adjustable pad/beam,with spring cushion
 3) More pad design to keep balance and safety handlin
 4) Japan vacuum meter and pressure switch
 5) Ball valve control pad in individually, suitable for different sizes glass sheet
 6) With spare battery to keep working
 7) Dual cricult control to make the safety action
 8) Vacuum pump intermittent start-up,provide long service type
 9) Rotatable design of sucker head, operat so easy
 10) super suface treatment with good look

Detail Pictures of Vacuum cup glass handling equipment stone lifter for stone slabs with cheapest price

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RAMHOIST vacuum stone lifter is a self propelled, mobile piece of equipment used by many glazing contractors to set glass, curtain-wall, aluminum panels, or other materials. It is the Ideal Solution for Glaziers, Stone Masons, which is constructed with the highest quality craftsmanship for durability and reliability.

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RAMHOIST vacuum lifter is as the main workhorse for handling stone slabs in fabrication shops. This lifter features powered tilting, 10 specially designed vacuum pads and an impressive 1,500-pound (680 kg) capacity. The specialized vacuum pads attach quickly to unleveled surfaces, handling both unfinished and finished slabs. Individual pad shutoffs allow the lifter to attach to oddly shaped slabs, while a high-flow vacuum system provides a quick release, increasing the efficiency of your workday. The vacuum lifter continues to be a valuable tool to stone workers, reducing both material breakage and manpower needs, all while increasing safety.

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Stone Handling for Slabs
Reduce the risk of load damage, our vacuum lifters provide effortless power tilting and optimal support of stone and other high-density materials. Manual or Power Tilters; many other models and options available.

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  • Designed for lifting, moving, and installing large-size slabs

  • RAMHOIST vacuum stone lifter will satisfy every requirement

  • The rubber suction pads protect the slab from scratching

  • The suction pressure maintains stability and prevents the falling of slab

Why needing vacuum lifter?
Let's face it–handling stone can be a challenging and sometimes hazardous job. That's why our vacuum lifters are specifically designed to make slab handling easier. Lifting marble, granite, onyx, limestone, slate and even sandstone. Innovative engineering throughout our Stone Series vacuum lifters to solve the unique problems of stone handling, With standard capacities up to 3,000 lbs, these RAMHOIST vacuum lifters can efficiently lift, maneuver and transport large products between storage racks and CNC machines, saws or work tables. From the storage area to final work area.