Marble and granite vacuum sucker lifter stone lifter with low price

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Carry, hoist or turn heavy stone slabs easily
With the aid of our stone vacuum lifters you are easily able to hoist, carry or turn heavy stone slabs. After you have attached the material-specific vacuum pad on the load, the air between the vacuum pad and the stone slab will be removed by a pump. As a result of this, a vacuum will be created which allows for save handling of loads with a weight of up to 80 tons. Additionally, due to the numerous tilting and turning possibilities, you are also able to move the stone slabs in vertical and horizontal ways. In short, the stone vacuum lifters from RAMHOIST allow you to perform your hoisting and transport operations much faster and easier.

No damage at the load
Contrary to conventional hoisting technologies causes vacuum technology less damage at the load. This is logical because no clamps or chains are needed to move the stone slabs. The material-specific vacuum pad does also not leave any imprints on the load.

Safety first
Mainly stones are not airtight. This means we can not handle your product in accordance with our normal safety standards. In this situation we only design custom made vacuum lifting solutions if the handling procedure occurs in a completely enclosed space. We are also able to design alternative lifting solutions without vacuum. Regardless of whether you need to hoist, carry or turn the load, our experts will find alternative solutions for you.

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Battery powered Vacuum Glass lifter for glazing


 1. Semi-automatic operation for gripping, lifting, moving and placing materials, driven by battery.

 2. Consisting of vacuum gripping system, pneumatic motions system, safety protection system and slide-type pillar jib crane (option).

 3. Completed and safe vacuum system including vacuum generating parts, vacuum pads, vacuum pressure switch, vacuum modulator and others.

 4. USA THOMAS brand and other imported parts for vacuum system.

 5. Vacuum automatic compensation system for working safety and energy-saving. (More info for compensation system, do contact us).

 6. Applicable for lifting and handling glass, marble, plastic boards, metal sheets, coated boards and other plates.

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Safe Working Load

300 kg

No. & Size of Cups

4 pads; 250mm diameter

Standard Working Power

12V DC

Noise Level

< 60 Db

Vacuum Holding time

More than 10 minutes after power loss


Suction cups in vacuum state


Manual tilt, 90° between upright and flat position

Safety Protection

Vacuum non-return system and vacuum compensation system

Control Method

Buttons on the wired remote control / at the control panel

Size (mm)

1200mm (L) * 350mm (W) * 300mm (H)

Weight (kg)


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According to the European CE safety requirements for lifting equipment, and safety regulations on the German accident prevention regulations UVV 18 and VBG 9a, 2.5 is the best safety factor of vacuum lifter. For example, each sucker 250mm dia., with suction reaching to 250kgf, divided by the safety factor 2.5, can load 100kg. If the lifter uses 4 suction cups, the total suction is 100*4=400kg, greater than approved object 250kg. When the object is handled and transported vertically, it should be multiplied by the coefficient of friction 0.8 (between rubber and glass), 400kg*0.8=320kg, still greater than the approved object 250kg.

Once the object is sucked, the system is under airtight state. The only entrance for air is backflow from vacuum generator to destroy system's vacuum state. Therefore, the Vacuum lifter is equipped with the safety non-return valve, for which air can only be extracted from inner system, with no return, and through which it can ensure sufficient vacuum to keep absorption time when power loss.

Do not worry about air leakage and insufficient vacuum, because the RAMHOIST lifter is equipped with pressure sensor and vacuum compensation system. When vacuum is not enough, the system will automatically sense and resumes operation to keep sufficient vacuum.

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