50kg 100 kg Vacuum Tube Lifter/Vacuum Tube Lifting System for PE bags, carton boxes and metal surface

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Product Description
 Rubber block handling Vacuum tube lifter
 Vacuum Tube Lifters Vacuum Balancer Lifters and Custom Vacuum Lift
 Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are ergonomic lift assist devices that can help increase your productivity while offering an economic solution to your material handling needs. RAMHOIST Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are easy to use, simple to maintain and require minimal operator training.

Vacuum tube lifter suction of products exceed the rated load, lifting forbidden. (Function of equipment);
1)      In case of power failure protection:
 To ensure that the suction material does not fall under the condition of power failure. After power failure, the suction cup suction the products down slowly (Function of equipment);
2)      Electric leakage protection:
 To prevent the hurt caused by the electric leakage of vacuum system, and overall the insulation is good.(Function of equipment);
3)      Electric current overload protection:
 To prevent the abnormal current or the overload of damaged the vacuum lifter equipment. (Function of equipment);
 4)     To be considered the air tube of installing and laying is not collision the interference and necessary protection:
 Air tube durable in use good, good sealing performance: when the equipment leaving factory, they have passed the force testing, the factory installation test, to ensure that each set of equipment are security, the qualified products. Upon completion of the installation, will be clearly marked on the equipment and steel structure with column:
 5)     Operation of vacuum tube lifter must be in strict accordance with the requirements of our operating manual, shall not be arbitrarily changed;
 6)     Safety suction
 Cannot cause damage to the surface of the box body;
 7)     Be able to adapt to the work environment the temperature of -15℃----70℃;

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 The RAMHOIST Vacuum Tube Lifting system is the intelligent answer to your handling problems. Its secret: only one medium is responsible for holding the load and lifting it… vacuum. Due to its high suction flow capacity, the Vacuum Tube Lifting system is capable of lifting even porous products! 

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Easy to Operate: All RAMHOIST Vacuum Tube Lift Systems use the same basic operating principle: a remotely connected vacuum pump produces a vacuum in the lifting tube and control head. As the control head and pad attachments are placed on the object to be lifted, the pads seal upon the object and the vacuum in the lift tube increases, causing the lift tube to contract, raising the load. As the vacuum (continuously controlled and regulated by the operator using the control handle) is decreased, the lift tube expands, lowering the load. A simple, reliable means for a single operator to effortlessly handle virtually any load.

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 The RAMHOIST Vacuum Tube Lifter features a handle with up/down controls that can be adjusted to match a user's hand strength. Offering a continuous operation, this lifter swivels 360° under vacuum and includes a heavy-duty vacuum pump, wire-reinforced lifting tube, vacuum gauge, and adjustable pad attachments which are interchangeable in the field for handling different loads. The large, high vacuum, direct-drive pump provides 100% duty cycle suction necessary for porous load holding making the RAMHOIST Series ideal for woodworking applications.
 The standard lift length varies depending on which model is selected.
 Our line of vacuum lifting systems can simplify your daily material handling tasks, especially with heavy or hard-to-handle loads. RAMHOIST lifters are capable of lifting and handling work pieces weighing over 5,000 pounds. There are almost no limits to the possible applications: metal sheets, glass sheets, coils, sheets of wood, planks and beams, stones and rocks, barrels, drums, etc...